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  1. Default Leaving AK for ND

    Hey everybody, I am new to all this but this seems to be the best way to get info. As the title says I am unfortunately leaving Alaska and heading to North Dakota. Its not that I'm not stoked about ND it just that I am leaving behind some beefy bows and steelies and can't seem to find anything on fly fishing in ND. Any info is good info, Thanks.

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    You will have to give up steelhead and start getting used to pike, smallmouth, largemouth, and lakes for bows and browns. Where are you moving in ND?
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    I'll be stationed at Minot AFB, I checked your website and was very glad to see the float tubes. I thought that I would have to sell mine but not anymore. Those bows were a reassuring site too. I am very glad to see some passionate fly fishers in ND because before your website I couldn't find anything.

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    Let me know when you get moved and I can show you around. Also, join the Dakota Flyfishers club in Minot they will help you out. It has been a long tough winter so I cant wait for spring.
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    Default Re: Leaving AK for ND

    AKFly: I feel your pain about leaving AK. I spent 16 years in Fairbanks, loved the AK fishing and hunting!


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    Sounds good I will let you know when I get there. Can't wait, what kind of gear do you guys use out there? Line, leaders, tippet, rod wt.? Out here I use a 8' 8wt. with floating line about a 9' leader and 12lb fluorocarbon tippet. I'm sure I wont have to go that big but I am curious of how much of a change I will have to make.

    And yes it does suck leaving AK but at least in ND the winters will be shorter and the summers longer.

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    It depends on what you are after. For Pike and Bass an 8wt is best for trout a 6wt is used most often. Floating lines are seldom used. Intermediate and type 3 sink are standard (Airflow). For leader a 9'-12' overall with 10lb-12lb fluoro tippet. I don't think you will need to make much of a change. A few sinking lines and you will be good to go.

    For flies big EP's, deceivers and clousers are great for spring pike. The same flies work for bass but without steel tippet you lose a lot of flies to pike. With steel bass will not take it. In early summer a lot of flies can be lost to pike while bass flyfishing. For trout we use size 8-10 Mohair leech patterns (canadian blood, canadian brown, arizona semi seal in different colors, ect), damsels, backswimmers, scuds, ect all the basic stillwater flies.

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    Thats good i have both of those setups. Pike fishing sounds fun, I grew up trolling for em in northern MI, I can't wait to get them on a fly rod. I've never used sinking line so that will take some getting use to. Of course floating line on a lake does suck, have to use a lot of weight. Is there any fishing in the river that runs through Minot?

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    I don't have any experience there. I have heard of people canoing it. It runs through town and has pike so it would be worth a try after work a few times in spring. I bet you could catch some big carp on the fly there.

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    So I made it to Minot, but didn't get a chance to fish a whole lot. I found a little slew just up the road from my house that produces some good numbers for northerns, thats about it. Made a couple of trips to MT and fished "Big Rock," in Big Timber but that was it for the season. I am getting the itch and need to pull out the float tube come spring. The only problem is that I am horrible at stillwater fishing. Was hoping you could give a few pointers. Also i am wondering where I can get fly gear. Nobody in Minot supplies any.

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