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    Default Re: Pike / Muskie fishing

    Sorry about taking so long to get back to you. Nice flies. You should get a camera with a timer and a small tripod. I have a tripod with flexable legs that stands about 5" tall I can actually take better oictures of myself than most of the fishing partners of mine take. I've been fishing with a friend of mine from the Canadian side of the river. He takes great photos. Before him I fished alone alot because fly fishing up here fits in with big foot and unicorns. They have heard of it, but aren't sure it's real.

    You should see the pike I have been getting in the river here the last few weeks. I had the biggest Pike I have ever had on a fly rod. Well in the upper 40 inches zone. It took me off on a sunken log. I landed a few other big ones but not like that one. I was running down the shore chasing it as it peeled me out into backing. Awsome fish. Yesterday I got a really fat 39 incher with a silver hue to it. Pretty fish. I'll post it when I get the film developed.

    I have been getting them as a bycatch, as I am Walleye fishing. I have been using a bimini twist in the test tippet and albright knotting 6 or 8 inches of 30 pound mono on. it doesn't scare the Walleye and keeps the Pike from chopping my flies off. I was using an 8 lb. tippet when I got the 39 incher.

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    Sounds like great action Dan.

    I am very simple in leader construction. I will take tippet and double it with a double surgeons knot and the uni-jam knot that to some toothy critter and be fishing.

    If I am targeting walleye I will just terminate with some mason hard line and be done with it.

    I stopped trying to take good pics a long time ago, most times pics just make others jealousy come out so I just take some quick pics with my cell phone for close friends and family that are truley intrested.

    alot of my personal fishing is alone and I am in it for the fun so that works for me.


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    Default Re: Pike / Muskie fishing

    The only reason for the Bimini twist and albright knot is that I am working on breaking the 8 lb. catch and release record. The spey rod I'm using puts enough force on the line that I dont think I can use any smaller line and not launch clousers like BB's. If I hook the bottom and try to cast past it and save the fly with out the bimini it just snaps the fly off most of the time. Blood knots don't work to well going from 8 to 30 lb. line. I take the double line in the Bimini and cut the end of the loop. I furl the two lines and overhand knot the end. Then I take the furled double line and albright knot it to the 30 lb. line. It works like a shock absorber. The knots are all 100% and won't cost me a record. Old salt water trick.

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    DD......awesome info Bud....Thanks. that's why i come here!!!

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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