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masterpuppet 07-15-2011 10:09 PM

S.E. Minnesota
first off I'm new to the forum and Flyfishing. I was hoping to go tomorrow morning but with the rain I don't think it will happen. The question I have is what can you after a rain like this?

diamond rush 07-19-2011 04:38 PM

Re: S.E. Minnesota
Localized thunderstorms like the ones we saw last week can drop variable amounts of water from valley to valley. One valley might get 8". The next valley might get 1.5". Some thin water can clear a 3-4" rainfall in 24 hours, but since most of the streams originate from farm land, most will clear much slower. So, some streams in the region may be blown out, but I have yet to experience a storm that blew out the entire region.

I know my advice is a bit late for your planned trip, but hopefully it'll help for the future. Be prepared to scout many streams. Go up to the thinner sections of the streams, too. As a rule of thumb, streams that feed from state parks or state forest land will clear faster than streams that feed from farm land. SE Minnesota covers a lot of area. If you're willing to drive around and scout a bunch, you can always find fishable water. Try to travel perpendicular to the path of the storms. If the storm came over NW->SE, and the stream I wanted to fish was blown out, I'd head NE or SW to try to find fishable water.

And, if you can't find clear water, don't despair. Driftless trout will still hit streamers, especially leech patterns, in murky water.

masterpuppet 07-23-2011 09:29 AM

Re: S.E. Minnesota
Thank you for your input. I did do some driving around and just scouted a few streams. Having fished the area before but as a worm guy I knew a few of them. I spent the day finding a few new streams. A buddy of mine said the day after the rain was a great day for him. He went south past were the strom had hit and did well. Again thank you input and will be here alot as I really enjoy this sport.

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