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    Default Re: Fishing on the Sidewalk

    One has to wonder about the quality of the water he is fishing... then again, maybe one does not...

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    Default Re: Fishing on the Sidewalk

    My grandpa told me that when my uncle was a little boy he took his fishing pole out into the street and carefully lowered his baited hook through a hole in the manhole cover. Grandpa asked him what he was doing.

    "There's water down there. I'm fishing!"

    "Well, if you catch one, how you going to get it through that little hole?"

    Uncle Mel said, "Hmmm, hadn't thought of that."

    So Grandpa had him get into the car and they spent the rest of the day up on Grand Mesa.

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    Default Re: Fishing on the Sidewalk

    There is a small village in the U.K. where a small tributary of the Test actually runs under the main road through the village. I have actually seen decent sized trout on the down stream side of the road holding at the outlet feeding on whatever was being flushed through, literally beside the sidewalk.

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    Default Re: Fishing on the Sidewalk

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfglen View Post
    One would have to be very hungry to eat one of those walking catfish, for conversation sake I have tried them, uukkk the bottom of the catfish food chain; bloody red flesh. I tad below the hard head sea catfish.
    Now the gafftopsail catfish is not that bad and most people I've tried a taste test with had a hard time telling them from farm raised catfish.

    I guess this kid would not be a posterboy for catch and release fame.
    In any case, have any of you ever been stung by a walking catfish? About like a really bad hornet sting which lasts for hours.

    By the way, both channel cats and gafftopsails will take a fly and I've taken gaffs on a popping bug.
    Hard heads will take a fly as well. I've caught a few on clousers and shrimp patterns. Never eaten one. I release the gafftops I catch too. I can't get past the slime. But some people in Texas eat gafftops, very few eat hard heads. Hard heads have a nasty "sting" as well. My friend ended up in the emergency room after getting finned in the hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fly_rover View Post
    Is that...a sewer? Is he s**** fishing?
    That's what I thought

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    Default Re: Fishing on the Sidewalk

    Quote Originally Posted by msl819 View Post
    That's what I thought
    Looks like a benjo!

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmprohv View Post
    Fishing on the Sidewalk . you can do this??

    Look he Fishing
    Absolutely not a everyday see

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