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  1. Default loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    I am relatively new to fly fishing, I live on a creek that is full of smallmouths and i am wanting a new challenge instead of using spinning gear so i am taking up fly fishing. I have been to the fly shop and cast the loomis shore stalker 7wt and the 7/8 wt short stix and i can not decide which would be best. The creek i live on is about as wide as a two lane road and has a pretty heavy canopy above in some areas. This will be a dedicated smallie rod so which should i get? Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    I've contemplated this question as well, although not with the shore stalker, but with the short stix. The 7/8 is supposed to be fantastic; however, the 8/9may help present larger flies.

    I've contemplated buying one; however, I can't get past losing some of the inherit benefits of a longer rod, such as: mending ability for current, as well as the ability to better execute a float and fly presentation, which is often used in smallmouth fishing outside of the warmer months...... longer rods are better for indicator fishing, and the float and fly is a larger method of indicator fishing. Longer rods traditionally roll casts a little better, which may actually fit your situation well. I do like shorter fly rods, but haven't gone below 8 feet, and I haven't gone short for heavier weighted rods that utilize larger flies and/or sinking lines or tips.

    Scott's new Meridian series also has an 8'4" - 8 weight that is supposed to be a fantastic option. John Duncan of Telluride Angler out of Colorado has done a nice job summarizing the benefits of this model if you google or search their site.

    For my money, I'd go short stix or upgrade to the shorter Meridian, with consideration for a full length (9 foot) Pro4x, NRX, or Meridian.

    If you live in IN, as your name states, the 8/9 short stix will allow you to enter the pike game while utilizing a higher weight rod with low swing weight due to the short length. The 7/8 would also be a great choice for smallmouth, if you are sold on the shorter rod. If money is no object, and you are sold on the short rod, don't over look the Meridian 8'4". Fly Masters of Indianapolis sells Loomis and Wildcat Creek Outfitters sells Scott, if you need a local shop to test cast.

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    Why not consider a Cabelas CGR 7/8... It's fiberglass but comes in at 7'6"... More of an 8 imho. Great rod for tight cover. And they're priced well too!

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    I fish a 5wt Shorestalker for Smallmouths. I am throwing small clousers and crayfish flies. Smallmouth are nothing huge. Up to about 3 pounds. I also use this rod for smaller water carp fishing where the fish top out at about 5 pounds. If the 7# casts anything like the 5# it would be a pretty sick rod. I throw SA GPX on the 5. I have also talked to Rajeff about using the 7 for larger carp in my area and he said it would be a good for that. I think that if the rod was able to handle the larger carp we were talking about it could handle and thing smallmouth could throw at you.

    Also if you are not a fan of the fast action rods being produced today, I would stick with the Shorestalker. The recommendation for the ShortStix is a Wulff Ambush, Airflo Sniper, or SA Titan Taper. The Titan Taper 8wt has a 30' grain weight of 263. Which puts it in the 9.5 wt range. To me this says that these rods are crazy stiff.

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    7wt shore stalker is a great rod, use it for largemouth and carp mostly, have landed salmon up to 20 pounds on it too, I think the 6wt would be better for your application. But great rod, not super stiff like many newer rods.

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    Also consider the Redington Predator; I have a 7'10' 6 weight and it is a brute. I use an Orvis Big Bug 7wt or a Rio OBS 6 wt on it. The Cabela's CGR 7/8 wt has a lot of fans too. I use mine occasionally and have fun with it. I do not know if I would upgrade though.
    If it were me, at your point, I would try some of the more inexpensive options to see if you like the method first and you are certainly not giving up much going the relatively thrifty route.

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    Default Re: loomis shore stalker or short stix?

    That 7wt Shorestalker will work really well in the situation you're describing. It was designed as a mangrove or lily pad rod, and really is at it's best at moderate distances and in tight spots. It is my go to small stream smallie rod.

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