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    Default Re: Do bass jump or come out of the water when eating?

    Largemouth will. Smallmouth? Not in SoCal, but I've heard them crashing topwater baits in the right areas. Carp also "jump." As do many game fish.

    The goal is to determine whether they're jumping because they're eating, because they're mating, or because they just want to (much like carp do, which many think they do, or whether they're cleaning debris outta their gills.)

    Once you're on the water enough, you can hear the boil and can determine the fish that just made it.

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    Default Re: Do bass jump or come out of the water when eating?

    I have had a largemouth bass jump out of the water and hook itself on a spinnerbait hanging over a tree limb. Fishing at night under a light I swear a largemouth jumped out of the water and grabbed a spinnerbait passing over on the way to a corner of a wall. I don't recall a smallmouth ever doing that though I didn't fish for them nearly as much as I would have liked.


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    Default Re: Do bass jump or come out of the water when eating?

    Early this summer I was fishing smallies in NW Ontario with poppers. I was amazed at the variety of ways the fish took the flies: some came all of the way out of the water to attack from the top, some attacked viscously on the surface but didn’t come all the way out of the water, and a couple looked just like a brown trout gently sipping the popper off the surface. It was pretty neat.

    It doesn’t really apply for fly fishing, but anecdotally I’ve observed that for sturgeon in the Rainy River in Northern MN, lots of jumping activity seems to correlate with good fishing. It seems odd since we’re fishing for them with globs of night crawlers right on the bottom of the river, but it seems to be true. It’s pretty cool seeing 50-60” fish jumping all the way out of the water..


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    Default Re: Do bass jump or come out of the water when eating?

    I fish for bass occasionally on Bruneau Dunes pond. When you hit it right, you can fish dries early season before the pond weeds up. Then, any bit of floating weeds or debris is a holding spot for SM bass. You lay a big dry-hopper, adult damsel fly, etc- near the surface cover and wait...then just a little twitch and the bass come up full speed from right under the fly and clear the water as they take the fly. Neat stuff.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Two days ago I was fishing a local pond for LM bass. They run kinda small in this pond but it is wadeable near the shoreline. I hooked a 13" LM and after I set the hook he jumped out of the water shacking his head from side the side, the hook held. Adios Philip

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