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  1. Default New World Record Bass Caught Yesterday

    [img2="left"][/img2]New World Record Bass Caught Yesterday

    The bass fishing world was rocked yesterday when word began to spread that a 25.1 pound Largemouth Bass had been landed at California's Lake Dixon.

    The giant fish, caught by Mac Weakley of Carlsbad, CA, may eclipse the much sought world record that has stood at 22.25 since 1932 when a monster bass was caught at Georgia's Montgomery Lake by George Perry.

    With the potential millions of dollars at stake in endorsements, etc., this story will play out like a soap opera over then next few weeks. Many questions remain about the method of catch, certification of the scale used, actual measurements, etc.

    "I feel good, awesome, in fact," Weakley said. "I'm just stoked to see a fish that big."

    How would you like fight this one on a 5wt fly rod?
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    Sort of like Jaws, The Great White, on a 2-weight?

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    Default Re: New World Record Bass Caught Yesterday

    On a 5wt? geez I have no idea. I would sure hope the guy steering the boat could follow instructions though.

    I think that guy did a big favor to other anglers by putting it back though.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    World Record Bass Caught: Follow Up

    Almost as quickly as it began, the chase is over for a new standard for largemouth bass.

    Less than two days after boating a 25.1-pound bucketmouth on tiny Dixon Lake in southern California, angler Mac Weakley has decided not to pursue the world record for largemouth bass.

    If it had stood, Monday's catch would have smashed the legendary 22¼-pound milestone that George Perry hauled in from Montgomery Lake in Georgia in June 1932.

    But Weakley's catch was controversial — no certified scale, no measurements, it was unintentionally foul-hooked, and, ultimately it was released — none of which would have disqualified the catch.

    Yet after seeing a mixed review of his accomplishment on the Internet, ol' Mac decided to let things go, including any riches that may have been associated with the catch.

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    I personally fished Dixon along with many others trying to catch the world record since I was a young teenager. We will have to see what the outcome is.

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    Being a bass fisherman I've kept a eye on records as there being broke in the south. A couple of years ago a lady caught a bass in california if I remeber right. It to broke the world record but because she released the fish and didn't submit it for authorization it wasn't allowed. It however was allowed for the catch and release record. I just can't imagine a bass of that size on the end of my line. Catfish, and carp yes but a bass. Hard to imagine.

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