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Thread: My sons bass

  1. Default My sons bass

    This past Tuesday my son and I went fishing at a local lake we like. We were using some flies and some popping bugs. My son had just made his fifth cast using a really bright bug when he got a hefty strike.
    He was jumping around, screaming and fighting his fish all at the same time. It was his first fish over a pound so he had a reason to celebrate. He finaly landed it and it weighed 2.3 lbs. I on the other hand caught a few brem and one crappie. But my thrill came from his face alight with pride.

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    That is quite a fish! Congrats to you both!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Great story!!! Congrats!!!

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    That's a life time memory to be shared by both.
    Very nice!

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    Wow, that is a nice bass, too bad you didn't't have a camera, I bet his smile was a mile wide!

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    Yup, it is a ton of fun to watch the young ones enjoying the sport. I have started my 2.5 year old fishing and he gets so excited with even mid-sized bluegills. I can't imagine how he would react to a good sized bass.

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