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    Quote Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
    Hey TK welcome to the forum. I just saw your post, sorry for the delay.

    I agree with Frank, I think an 8 weight would be better for casting poppers that big. Not only are they big in hook size but poppers are also very wind resistant compared to stuff like bucktails of the same size. You'd want a rod capable of throwing a heavier line to overcome the wind resistance of poppers, bass bugs and spun deer hair divers or the weight resistance of heavily weighted flies.

    With a 6 weight, I'd think poppers in size 6 and 4 would be pushing it. If you're going to be doing a lot of this type of fishing especially if you're going to need to reach out a bit and you're relatively new to FF.

    Depending on what you want to fish, I'd either go with a 6 weight and throw smaller stuff like size 6 poppers if your fishing small ponds or streams for small bass (and you can use the rod for throwing stuff at trout too like streamers or large dries like hoppers that might be too big for your 4 weight).

    Or go with an 8 weight to throw larger size 2 and 1/0 poppers, bass bugs, divers, rabbit strip flies and heavily weighted stuff like clousers, "pig boats" etc, especially if you fish heavy cover for big bass and/or a lot of open water where wind might be an issue. (The 8 would also be a good light SW weight if there's a possibility you'll be doing that for redfish, FW or SW stripers/wipers, or for FW if you might be chasing steelhead).

    A 7 splits the baby of course. Other folks may disagree (and probably will) but a 7 - all things being equal- probably won't throw big stuff as easily as an 8, is overkill for trout in most places, and not as versatile in SW (if that's a consideration), though it would make a good smallie stick if you're throwing size 8-6-4 weighted stuff and poppers up to size 2.

    Whatever weight rod you choose, you'll want to use a weight forward taper like a bass bug or SW taper or a slightly "overweight" line from Rio or SA , and a short heavy leader with poppers and other big stuff. Something like an 8' prepackaged bass leader available in shops, or you're own home made versions 6-8' long ending in 10-12lb test.

    Hope this helps a bit.


    PS- just saw Frank's 2nd post and agree you may want to get a bit of help with your casting. Where abouts are you in Ohio? There are some excellent shops like Mad River Outfitters Mad River Outfitters. They offer FF classes some for free some very reasoably priced like 2 hr casting lessons for 25 bucks, as well as more advanced stuff and guided trips. They could also work with you to set you up with a reasonably priced outfit. Going this route, with personalized service from a knowledgeable FFer from a good local fly shop, MRO or another one that might be closer, is a great way to go rather than taking pot luck in a big box store IMHO, and prices are competitive for the same quality gear.

    There are some FF clubs that could also get you off to a good start, with a bunch of clubs affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers in Ohio ( Cinncy, Dayton, Norton, Shelby, Perrysburg, Painsville and Avon OH). They offer casting clinics, informative meetings, group trips to local waters and they are generally very welcoming to new comers). The FFF also has certified casting instructors that you can look into if you want some help and can't find a buddy or shop to give you some pointers. You can find a contact info here:
    Locate a Club
    great info if i was to make my own leader's should i start with mono and end with floro ??
    or go floro all the way could you give me a recipe ?? in % like 60% 20% 20%.
    i have made some leaders up for my 4 weight60% 17# mono 20%12mono and a 20% 4# berkly floro for the tippet ..worked good in a pinch ..

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    i just got a good deal on a 9' 8 weight fenwick HMG combo deal $139.00.
    next step some bass bug line

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