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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    Quote Originally Posted by kevino View Post

    What line are you using on that short six wt?

    I picked up a Scott Warm Water Special 6 wt used for a song. I've tried it with 6 wt Rio Nymph and Clouser lines as well as Scientific Anglers Bass Bug taper 6 wt and have great results with all.
    Actually, I put a 7wt Rio Bass line on it. It needed the single step of overlining to really make it sing.


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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    Only cast my Predator on grass so far, but the 7wt seemed to suit it a bit better for me as well. I'm hunting for the ideal line for it.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    I like my 7'10" 6 weight Predator with a SA Titan 6 weight line, it is a real nice rod for quick and accurate casts out of my river kayak. Forget mending with it though. But that is not what it's for.

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    After the dust settled on a series of strange events, I found myself with not one but three old Orvis Rocky Mtn series rods, 8'3" 7-weights.

    I use them (well, one of them anyway) for surface flies and poppers in a lake. Fishing from a pontoon boat, for largemouth and assorted panfish. I can stick the big bug right under the tree or bush on shore.

    Other than that I have no use for them. Too short and/or too heavy for 98 percent of my river and stream fishing for trout.

    I also find they cast better with an 8 weight line.

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