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  1. Default 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    After seeing fly rods like the Sage bass rods, Redington's Predator, and Ross's flystik that are all mainly geared toward bass fishing, Ive noticed all are fairly short. They all say this is because bass tournaments don't allow longer rods. I'm confused on whether the length makes a large difference, or possibly hinders the caster's abilities. I fish lakes and ponds on shores without much overhead obsticals, or in kayaks or floats with no obsticals and do not intend on entering and bass tournaments any time soon. For kayak fishing it would seem to make sense to me that you would want a longer rod so you could have a higher point to throw around your line and not have it hit water on the front or back cast. For someone who has no preference to length, and only wishes the best rod, what is better? Shorter or longer?

    FYI my intention is to buy a 7 or 8 weight, if that makes any difference to anybody, Thanks to all

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    Hi bakerboy,

    I fish from a pontoon boat a lot and I like a longer rod. For Trout I use a 9'6" 5wt and it works for me. Not because it will keep you from hitting the water on your fore or back cast. A proper stroke will keep the line off of the water, not the rod length. I like the longer rod for two reasons:

    1. I can cast a longer distance with less effort.

    2. A long rod makes it easier to mend and control your drift.

    So don't buy a long rod to keep the line off of the water. Buy it because it is more versatile than a shorter rod. You need to be careful about buying a 10' rod. If there was ever a time that you need to cast a rod before you buy one, it would be with the 10' rods. The long rods I have cast are all over the place. Some have soft tips, some are too tip heavy, some are just right. My 9' 5wt is a wonderful rod. I have one 9'6" 8wt that the tip is too soft. They are the same model rods from Sage. So I would not buy a 10' rod with out trying it. A tip heavy rod is very tiring to cast for long periods.


  3. Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    Sorry, I didn't exactly mean a 10 foot, more as a number to represent longer fly rods. 9' 6" was the long length I was thinking would be most practical and it sounds like I had a good guess. Thank you much for the response.

    If anyone has had the chance to try a shorter 7' 11" or 8'3" Fly right, I would love to hear of your opinions of it.

    Thanks again Frank

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    I do some bass fishing from a canoe and I prefer rods from 8' to 9'.Longer rods feel heavier and put more pressure on your wrist,especially something like an 8wt.Shorter rods are much more accurate for casting to small spots like an opening in the pads or under bushes.I fish an 8' 6wt glass rod thats great for this.My favorite 8wt is 8'8" and I use this for my saltwater game.If you decide to go with a longer rod,make sure you cast before you buy and cast it with the flies you intend to use.

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    In the small weedy ponds that I fish, distance casting is rarely an issue.
    What I need is a rod that can cast accurately into holes in the weeds, but also is long enough to be able to mend over the lilly pads that grab your line during a drift.
    My compromise rod is a 8'9" 8wt IM6
    I'm not saying that's the best length, but for me it's the one that works.

    Earlier this year I built myself a 6'9" 9wt that I had planned on using for kayak fishing in the salt. In the past I've had trouble landing large fish on the 9' rod that I usually use, seated at water level
    I thought the short stout rod would work better.
    Unfortunately the recycled blank had an unseen crack, and the rod never made it out of back yard testing.
    I still think it's the way to go and when I find a suitable blank, I'll try again.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

  6. Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    I love my little cabelas cahill 9' 6wt it is perfect for little ponds and the lower ocmulgee where i fish

  7. Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    A month ago I bought a Cortland 10' 5 wt. and I am using a Cortland Bass Taper 6 wt. line on it. The action is medium and I can get some distant accurate casts with it. I use it mostly for farm pond fishing. I am happier with it than my Sage Smallmouth bass outfit. Waterboy, you must fish below Jesup.

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    The modern warmwater rods were designed to make short, accurate casts as SkipS alluded to. A person who uses one is not going to spend time repeatedly backcasting it. It is a pick up and shoot rod.

    I'll let this YouTube infomercial speak for itself.


  9. Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    I agree with you. I fish 2 cypress ponds that are so thick in some areas that I can barely get my 13' gheenoe into. This is where I use my 5' 6" 'lil streamer and my Sage Smallmouth Bass and do a lot of slingshot casting because there is no room to back cast. That is usually where you find the big fish along with the big gators, snakes,and humongous mosquitoes.

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    Default Re: 7 foot vs 10 foot bass fly rods

    I've got a rod very much like the one RipTide describes that I built up from a GL2 Popping Rod blank. It also likely needs a 9wt line (have to haul like hell with an 8wt to flex it much) but that gets a bit tricky. I commonly fish a longer 9wt and the reel my 9wt is loaded onto doesn't balance well AT ALL on that short rod.

    I should probably just track down a cheap 10wt line, cut off 20' of running line, and stick it on an old 8wt STH reel I've got laying around.

    RipTide, I think you'd like a Popping Rod blank for what you're after. They've got a soft tip intended to protect live bait during casting, but a stout butt since they're built for saltwater. Makes for a pretty fair short stout fly rod. You can also build it with sliding rings and spin guides and have a dual-use rod that shoots fly line like a mofo.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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