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  1. Default Had another great night

    Got out last night with some friends for Channel Cats and Carp and had a blast. We had some really great fishing. Out of the group of eight guys, six caught Cats and I was the only one lucky enough to tie into a Carp. Lots of sore arms and line burns.

    The look on my face says it all!!!!!

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    Big fish! outstanding catch how did you catch the carp?(rod,line,tippet,fly)

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    Excellent !!!! I caught a 22" channel cat in March, and he made several
    runs. Do they run at that size, or just play tug of war?

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    darkcahill: Looks like a great night for fishing cats and carp! Congrats and thanks for sharing.


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    I was use a 9 wt. system on the Red. This is a small backwater area that is full of forage. The fly was a brown DDH Leech. Along with the Cats and Carp I caught Sauger, White Bass and Goldeye. Of course these fish don't put up a fight on a 9 wt. but when you fish the Red you go down with the heaviest system you can.
    As for the fight of these big Cats bring a reel with at least 150 yards of backing. I've been sppoled a couple of times.

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    That would be so fun to fish.
    I love to catch big cats an saugers.
    MMMMMM Tasty

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    That's alot of fish to hold onto. Looks like great fun.

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    WOW! Great stuff. You must have had a blast with those. I bet those cats really slammed it.

    What kind of structure do you look for? That river looks like it's moving. It must be a real rodeo hooking one of those things in current. Do you wear track shoes to chase them down stream?


  9. Default Re: Had another great night

    Not only track shoes but you have to learn to run on water. They do pull a lot of line and they pull hard. The part of the river I am fishing is sort of a backwater type area off the main current so there is some moving water. I always look for the holes or if there is a trench or old riverbed I will fish those. Of course with moving water you have to figure out how to fish these areas productively and that does take some time. Once you figure it out though you will be catching fish like crazy.

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    Default Re: Had another great night

    So are you using a sinking line? Also how are you working the leeches.

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