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EastTexas 04-01-2006 03:45 PM

Yellow vs. Orange vs. Mint Green Flylines
Yellow vs. Orange vs. Mint Green Flylines
I have a 5WT WF/F & 7WT WF/F

I am fishing for bedding bass I have seen this on 3 different outings that the orange flyline will spook the bass.

They don't seem to mind the yellow flyline. I also have a mint green 7WT WF flyline and the bass are ok with this line color also.

Any Ideas Why?

Fish Bones 04-01-2006 04:58 PM

Re: Yellow vs. Orange vs. Mint Green Flylines
Well… that’s a touchy subject that has created huge debates. Almost everyone has an opinion. To be honest with you… I don’t think anyone knows the answer for sure. No one that I know has actually gone out and asked the fish.

You must first ask yourself… Is it the fly line color or the movement of the line that is causing the trouble? Could be either one… could be a combination of both.

Generally speaking… it stands to reason that if the line is in the air and outside the fishes window it shouldn't make any difference what the color is. If it passes over the window then it should be a light color resembling the sky. If a fish is looking up he will see a dark thing against the sky easier than a light colored one. Perhaps that’s why your pale green line works so well for you.

Now if you hold that same fly line up against a background other than the sky like a cliff or some trees the result will be different. A dark line will blend in better, and I can see the possibility of a fly line blending into a background and never even being noticed by a fish. But I still find it difficult to believe that the fish will react to a specific color in most instances. Movement is movement.

The bottom line is… use whatever color fly line that you feel comfortable with… I don’t have a clue. What the heck do I know???

LoneFlinger 05-19-2006 08:31 AM

Re: Yellow vs. Orange vs. Mint Green Flylines
I can tell you the clear fly lines aren't worth the extra money, they cast shadows and 'line' fish just like any other line. I don't like the way mine casts either.


Chris Hewett 05-22-2006 10:40 AM

Re: Yellow vs. Orange vs. Mint Green Flylines
Impossible to say for sure but one thing you may find interesting....
Colors do not look the same through water as they do through air.
Take the three colors of fly line and hold each of them about two feet under the water (further if you can still see them well). Put your face close to the water's surface and observe the colors. If you have a swimming pool, get in with the lines and put on a diving mask and observe the lines through the water at various angles.
Is there a significant difference in the color of the orange one through water?
If so, this may be a clue about why the fish sees it better. Some "flourescent" looking orange colors are very bright through water, some are not.
(based on information in a book titled "what fish see". Very interesting reading.)

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