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    Default teaching two friends with yellow perch

    hey everybody,

    last wednesday i took two friends fly fishing for yellow perch. one already had a fly rod but no reel and line. the other one had nothing. so i lowned one a reel and the other just used my outfit.

    after i caught a few fish and showed them the cast they started trying it. i tied them on there flys helped them cast and untied there wind knots. they both tried but one had to leave so he gave up. The one that stayed though caught his first fish on a fly rod. An average sized perch for this pond. he also caught one more good sized one.

    now all he wants to do is fly fish. he's asking me when's a good day for me to go out again, what kinda line shoud he get, whats a good reel, whats a good line company and general stuff like that.

    My question is though did i help them to much or did i do just right. Does anybody have any advice for me also. one of them seems to love it.

    maybe he'll be the next steve rajeff, probably not but maybe.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    Default Re: teaching two friends with yellow perch

    I taught flyfishing for years to children and adults so I think first you'd better teach to cast on a lawn tying a piece of wool or vitafloss to the tippet,then take your friend to a place where it's easy to cast and fish,and where you can find lots of fish fishable on dry ,no matter if they're not trout.I'm not sure It's a good idea to fish yourself when you're with a complete beginner.Don't forget to educate them about "fish respect" and how to release fish.

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    Default Re: teaching two friends with yellow perch


    Sounds like you did GREAT! The true test is that he sounds like he can't wait to get out there again with you. Don't be surprised if his enthusiasm gets the other guy back for more too.

    There's a lot to learn, so it sounds like you did the right thing by making it easy for him at first- tying stuff on, untying wind knots and helping them cast. And it's great that he actually caught fish on his first trip.

    As you help him start teaching him to tie few knots, untangle his wind knot and help him to do more of it himself.

    And JBBfly brings up a good point about saftey-- by all means take him fishing too, but you might want to help him practice a little bit on the lawn with a bit of yarn instead of a fly, and if you do fish, it might be a good idea to pinch down the barbs and have wear a hat and shades while he's whipping stuff around--- I once saw a young kid about 10 yrs old on the Salmon River in NY who's mother wouldn't let him fish without a football helmet!

    Sounds like you're a great friend and it looks like you've got another fishing buddy. Good on ya!


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    Default Re: teaching two friends with yellow perch

    hey thanks guys for your thoughts,

    i took the one out who really likes to fly fish now out for trout instead of perch. he got one. i wont say how many i got.. but he did good and has enough patience for the sport. his cast is improving and he did most of it by himself.

    on a different note i hooked a fish on my two weight that almost brought me into my backing. made a run straight for the middle and broke me off. i might have turned him with my five weight. he was the one that got away. (corny fishing humor i know)

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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