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  1. Default Largemouth & Sunfish

    I gave the trout a rest, and the Susquehanna is still high and brown, so I tried for some small largemouth bass and some sunfish.
    Lot's of fun with my 1wt. All the bass were between 7" and 12". The sunfish went up to 6"
    This was the first time this year that I caught over 100 fish in a afternoon!
    Small woolybuggers and big nymphs were the ticket.
    Another fun day with my tiny rod!
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    Good fish, that would of been a blast with a 1wt!!!

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    What section of the Susky are you fishing. I have never fly fished there but would like to brinkg the kakak up to do it. I live in the DC area.

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    I catch smallies, rockbass, and gills that size all summer on my 3wt and its a blast! a 1wt would be awesome! try a small size 10 brown bugger with or without hackle. have lost the hackle and just had the chenille body and marabou tail left and caught bigger bass than when it had the hackle! lol. its a great small crayfish pattern. also sub black and olive if u want.
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    McFly, my late night vampire friend,
    Thanks for the tip. I have found the same thing with the woolybuggers.
    I don't even "palmar" the hackle anymore, I just put a couple wraps at the bead head.
    Most of the time I skip the chenille and use dubbing instead. I also don't use hackle on small flies. Sometimes I skip everything and just tie a marabou tail and wrap the marabou around the hook. This works the best with tiny streamers.
    I have a 3wt, a 4wt, a 5wt, and two 6wts, and a 8wt, and a 9wt.
    I'll use my 6 or 8 when I fly fish for carp next week, but for trout and the small fish I catch, I like my 1wt the best.
    I guess it's the action that I'm after. And I love to catch a lot of small fish.
    I would rather catch 20 small panfish than 1 giant bass! If I ever hooked a big largemouth, I would try to pull the hook out of his mouth as quick as possible. He would pull like a big carp and try to break my rod........ that's not fun fishing for me.
    Years ago I would use heavy braid line on heavy tackle with big plastic things on a 3/0 hook. That's no fun at all for me anymore.
    It makes me laugh at the idiots in the tournaments who yank the fish in the boats with 40lb test braid and heavy action outfits. LOL Thank God I don't have to do that for a living!

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

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