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Thread: Hot Water

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    As you know, this week Hawaii saw 4 new high temperature records broken and one tied.
    These high record temperatures have caused record high water temperatures in the lake as well.
    Those of you who have studied photography know that color and temperature go hand in hand. High water temperature can cause radical changes in color saturation and drastic color shifts in your pictures.
    Judging from these photographs of "Red Devils", the water temperature in the lake is having the same result on some of the fish.
    Either that or some tropical aquarium buff has dumped some "Blue Devils" into the lake???????

    Look at how hot that water is.... looks almost like a lava flow from the volcano.

    Is this what you call a "Double Blue Devil"? or "Volcano Devils"?

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    Default Re: Hot Water

    Stan: Very cool work on the photos! Thanks for sharing.


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    Did you get to measure and weigh the fish? We have the same problem with people releasing pet fish into the lakes here in southern Florida.

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