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  1. Default catfish and crappie

    me and kruggy went fishing to day for a lil bit. I ended up wtih 2 more crappie and a nice size cat that I caught on a black wooly bugger onthe 3 wt! what a fight! took me like 5 mins to get it in! also turned over a few rocks and took pics of some nymphs. look like mayflies to me. here is some pix!
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    Cool!! Those Crappie are a BLAST, aren't they. I was just went fly fishing in a N.C. pond last night and got 2. One on a mickey finn and one on, of all things, an ADAMS!!! That cat wouldda been a fighter. Those buggers get everything. As for those nymphs, I'd second the mayfly vote. Wonder when the hatch is...............LOL. Keep those pics comin'!!!!!
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    ya that cat put up a fight! was the biggest fish I have caught on my 3 wt so far! my arm was even starting to burn from fighting it! lol
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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    Nice fish! We should hook up sometime. I'm in SW Ohio.

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    It was a good time, plus watching mcfly hook that cat was cool it really put that 3wt to a test.

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    I had to smile at your catfish post. I have been fishing an urban creek near my home and it is loaded with cat! This one took me to my backing a week or two ago (6 wt). I was fishing for Carp and Smallies and this was the surprise of the night. Not sure why some folks turn their nose up at these fish, I happen to think they are an absolute blast!
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    Greatpics Pittflyguy, thats definetly a nice cat!!!

    Seeing these cats caught on fly goes to show how much there preditors not just bottom feeders like some think.

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