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Thread: Greatest Bream Fly

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    Size #12 yellow Gurgle Pop on my 3wt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nav View Post
    Your breams look good, much more than the european bream which has nothing in cummon.

    Though it can be caught on a fly rod :

    Fusion.jpg picture by naveur - Photobucket

    Despite the size, it provides poor defense, and if you touch or net that fish you'll need lots of soap to be freed of its awful smell.
    It kind of looks like a big threadfin shad...

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    I love cork poppers. Walt's are the best here in VA...but a bit pricey. I buy them when they are on sale.
    Otherwise I make my own. Get the cork from American Science & Surplus:

    American Science & Surplus : Search Results for "cork"

    25 for $2.00

    A hook, some rubber legs (cut from old bungey cord), maybe some hackle or a feather tail, and cheap finger nail paint (< $1.00) and I'm ready for some top water action. Cheap, you betcha...that's 17 cents a popper!

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    On top a Hipp's soft body popper and a bluegill bully for all else.

    " Reel Men Fish Cane Rods"

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    Years ago shunned flies and used poppers exclusively. More recently, I've had lots of success with Black Gnats (used on bedding fish), Bee imitations but the one that really impressed me was a weighted Caddis fly nymph (I think). Tried it one day when nothing seemed to work and (I know, folks, I'm an outcast) used it with a floating line (only kind I own). It sank slowly and I found that it got down to where the Big 'Uns live. Worked great on both shellcrackers and bream - finally lost it and haven't found another yet. I think that the fly might have been weighted a little. I've also seen something called a San Juan Worm that looks a lot like something a bream might like. This one has a body that just covers the shank of the humpbacked hook and does not have the loose ends dangling. I think it might be a little more realistic with a fuller body.
    I may even have to spring for a sinking line.

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    Poppers and nymphs. Gaines poppers are made just down the road from here.
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    I like to use a spin off of the Egan's Headstand trout fly. I like to make mine on a size 10 scud hook, and I sub red fox squirrel tail for Hare's Mask tail in my fly. In my neck of the woods they call it the HAMMER!

    I also have done well on the Briminator, tied in hammer colors.

    The last fly that I do well on is a size 14 black woolly bugger with red collar.

    Hope this helps and thanks for looking!

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    Default Re: Greatest Bream Fly

    Nice flies! What is that sticking out of the Hammers "neck"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ant View Post
    Nice flies! What is that sticking out of the Hammers "neck"?

    Brown round rubber legs.

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    bream up my way are not picky at all. we don't even call them bream here just gills. they will eat anything you toss at them! have had algea/seaweed collect on my knotted leaders and they bite the knots!! lol! I say my fav bream fly tho would be top water patterns like a griffin gnat or a terrestrial like spider/beetle or hopper imitation to twitch on the surface. I use a 3 or 5wt rod. when fishing largemouth I get them on the clousers or bugger type patterns also. any nymph pattern will work too! don't know if this is how all gills act but on my ponds and rivers they are not shy!
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