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Thread: New to warmwater

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    Hey there, all of my fly fishing experience has been in the cold waters of Alaska on stuff like salmon and trout, but I will be targeting primarily largemouth bass in central Texas here in about a month and wanted to do a little research first. Currently I have 2 fly 8wt and a 4wt. Which would be my best bet? I know largemouth bass can get some size to them but I looked online and the state records for those bodies of water I plan to fish are under 5 pounds on fly so I wasn't sure if I could get away with my 4wt...I've caught 8 pound chum salmon on it, and 4 pound pinks all day long. Also I was wondering what patterns work best and how to work them in those conditions. Any help you can give is appreciated.

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    AKJay- for bass, especially Texas bass, you're probably better off with the 8 weight not only for the size of the fish and heavy cover you might run into, but mostly for the size of the flies you'll be throwing, typically size 6 and up.

    I'd think about covering the water column, here's some typical bass stuff (and some Alaska trout/salmon stuff that would probably work great for them). And if you fish for pike up there, probably any of that stuff would work too. Don't feel like you need all of this, but just some typical examples for bass to cover different layers:

    Topwater-bass poppers, spun deer hair bass bugs, gurglers (AK stuff like poly wogs, large stimulators, mice, grass hoppers, large stuff tied with foam)

    Suspending stuff- any large streamers like muddlers, bucktails, marabou feather wings and stuff made with synthetics, zonkers etc. Any stuff you have here will probably be fine. If you wanted to tie some things up, a lot of the baitfish bass feed on like bluegills and shad have a large profile top to bottom, so deceiver type flies (with the traditional saddle hackle tail or just a sprig of bucktail for the tail in all white or "fire tiger" might be good choices). "EP" fiber type flies are also popular but can be a PITA to cast and tend to get mangled after a fish.

    Floating/diving- Dahlberg Diver (Pike type megadiver)

    Deeper water- clousers, crayfish, woolly buggers, leeches (egg sucking leeches, large heavily weighted nymphs, weighted rabbit strip flies)

    I don't think color matters much for top water, but for other stuff mix it up a little. A good assortment would include some black, chartreuse, which tend to be good in murky water, yellow, white (for shad), brown and olive and some with a bit of flash. Again, you probably already have a lot of stuff already that would would great for them.

    If you can bring the four weight too that should be a blast for panfish you'll probably run into.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks man, I have a few flies that I think will do the job okay. I wouldn't think you would need that much rod for a 4 lb largemouth but I guess its possible.

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    It's really the size of the flies more than anything, and some of the stuff like poppers are pretty wind resistant. Size of fish isn't really the issue, though a rod with some guts is good to have to use with heavy tippets in cover. If you had a 6 you could probably get away with that, but i think a four weight might give you fits throwing size 6 (and up) poppers.

    Other might wigh in with different opinions- Big Cliff, another moderator on the board does a lot of fishing down there. Hopefully he'll weigh in-- if not shoot him a PM.


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