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Thread: Cork Popper Bodies

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    Default Cork Popper Bodies

    If any of you guys like or are interested in tying cork popper flies then let me know. I have some extra pre-shaped cork poppers. My son and I have tyed some up with this cork and they look awesome. When I was looking for popper bodies, I could only find foam, so I was really excited to come across this cork. Just Pm me if you want more details on how you can get some from me. They are small, medium, and large which will be perfect for Trout, Bass, Bream, or whatever really. .

    The poppers I have pictured look bigger than they are because I used super macro when I took them. The picture below has Daiichi size 12 hook...just for reference. I do have some larger, but I didn't take a pic of them. I also have some bullet shaped not pictured as well.

    I posted a while back about my cork popper bodies and just wanted to let you guys know that I still have plenty. I appreciate all of you that PM'd me to get them. Please don't reply to this asking prices...just pm me. I respect this site and don't want to rub anyone the wrong way. I'm just a teacher and novice fly tyer. Hope to hear from you guys!

    A finished one!

    Two more finished!!

    The unfinished bodies which I have a few different shapes for you to choose from.

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Very nice work on the popper bodies, congrats!


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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Thank you, I didn't realize how easy cork was to work with once you have the right stuff. Some of those I didn't smooth or fill them in at all. I think you get better the more you tye...we will see.

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Great job!beautiful poppers,congrats

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    I appreciate it! I have had so much fun with these! Let me know if you guys want some of these blanks.

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Wow! Those are really nice! Good work!
    Catching a fish on a fly you created: Priceless

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Those look great. It kills me to buy poppers. I may have to give those a shot.
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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    These are fun and easy to make and you will enjoy creating your own pattern. Just PM me when you are ready. Jaiyman

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    Great looking poppers. Those look like they take a whole new set of skills. Very nice.

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    Default Re: Cork Popper Bodies

    What did you use to paint them with? It came out really smooth and glossy.

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