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vsyogi 09-01-2009 09:16 PM

2 for 1 Foam Special
Went out to try a foam gurgler today. Started casting a few times and noticed that the bill of the gurgler would flip up from time to time. This made the gurgler into a diver which seemed pretty cool. But after getting no strikes from the normal gurgler (bill flipped down) I decided to go with the diver version. Immediately started getting strikes from Bass, Bluegills, and even an angry Tilapia. Only got to hook up a few Bass due to afternoon thunderstorms but that's what happens when you wait to long down here. Well here's a photo of the smallest Bass I caught today.

You can see in photo that the gurgler has the bill flipped up. This is one of the smaller fish that were hatched during the end of winter beginning of spring. And here's the last fish I caught before it really started to get dark and scary.

This one followed the gurgler even after three missed strikes. Anyone else have a similar story where a fly is used one way and modified it to have another action?

peregrines 09-02-2009 06:44 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Foam Special

Great going buddy.. Sounds like you're doing great--- keep those pics coming.

And, in answer to your question, yes :)


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