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Thread: Carp!

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    One thing the book mentions which I have heard in the past is that in Europe and most other countries Carp are highly respected, Mostly in America has carp been given "trash fish" status.

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    True. I fish the CZ every year. Essentially everyone who fishes still water is a carp angler. Flyfishing for trout is popular too, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerolimit View Post
    A week ago Sunday I went out to Folsom Lake here in the Sacramento Area looking to take advantage of the first real warm days hoping to get in to some bass action. Sweetwater Creek cove is in the shallows this time of year and has lots of submerged vegetation and is one of the first areas to warm up. The carp were literally packed in the cove spawning. I really was trying to avoid them so I walked further out toward the rock outcroppings and started throwing a grey clouser with my 7wt.
    I found a shoal of 15 to 20lb carp yesterday in a NYC reservoir. They were feeding too. I was boat fishing and spooked them, unfortunately. It's hard to wait around for them to return when the bass are biting so well.....

    We're just beginning the LM spawn here. Carp I think haven't started yet.

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    Well, has any body gotten out? They are in full swing here and we have been chasing them. Thurs. I hooked 2 and ended up with a broken tippet and a large carp scale. Sat. a friend and I headed out for a carp derby. We both landed 4 fish each, my biggest being 23 lbs and my buddy just missed the money with a 25.8 lber. I did win some some nice stuff in the raffle. Sun. I took my wife and 2 little kids out and caught 2 and shot a bunch with the bow. I pulled my 5 year old son around in a pontoon boat while I waded and he loved it. This spring while chasing carp I have tore a 1 inch gash in my Simms waders, broke my 8 weight in the middle of the butt section and I had one jump with an arrow in it and land on a pontoon and punctured it. They are tough on tackle and man they are fun!!
    Lets go huntin, fishin, drinkin or sumthin!!

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    Ive gone Almost every week for the past few weeks except this last week and have landed about 3 carp every trip and lost about that many. Its great fun, Im loving it.

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    Got out a couple of times with friends and had some half decent luck. Not bad seeing as the season is only 2 weeks old.

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    Nice fish!! 'bet that was a blast!

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    The Carp fishing is going hot and heavy now. Had a client out yesterday. Can you say yahooo!!!!!

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    Any idea on the size or weight?

    Fish On!!

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    Length was 34 inches, girth was 22 inches and the weight was 24 1/2 pounds.This shot gives you a better idea of how big the Carp actually is. Gene had a riot.

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