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Thread: good flies for the southeast next week?

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    Default good flies for the southeast next week?

    im flying back to north florida for thanksgiving next week. my parents have a place on the santa fe river, so im bringing a little gear. ive fished this river a hundred times if once, but only with a spincast. since im pretty familiar with it and the fish to be caught, im thinking this would be a good first run with a hook tied on.

    i just wonder what would be a good fly for this time of year? ive only got four at the moment, an ant, one with a brown body and orange tail, one with a brown body and salt and pepper tail, and one with a brown, skinny body and a yellow tuft at the top.

    ill probably get a popper to use, and im thinking about a foam bodied insect. ive always had luck with cricket lures, but it may be kind of late in the year.

    any insight?


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    Default Re: good flies for the southeast next week?

    Sorry, I can't answer your question directly. But you might check out the regional forums below this one. There is one for the South Eastern states. --You might have better luck with the local reply.

    Also, specifics about what you are fishing for would be helpful.


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    Default Re: good flies for the southeast next week?


    You should have a blast. I'd try and get a few different flies to cover the water column from top to bottom, and to have a couple of things for Large Mouth Bass and panfish. You probably already know this, but the Santa Fe also has a population of the Suwannee Bass and it would be really cool to catch one of those. If you are lucky enough to get one, hopefully you can get a pic and post it here on the board. Here's a little info about them:

    The flies you already have would be good to bring, and might get you some bluegills and other panfish but you'll also want to get a few others especially meatier patterns for bass. I'd think about getting some stuff like:

    -a couple poppers (small size 10 or 12 for panfish, and some bigger ones for bass size 6) would be fun for top water.

    -some bead head black woolly buggers size 6 or 8 and chartreuse clousers are some popular and effective flies for bass pretty much everywhere and would be good to have. They should also be pretty easy to find.

    But the Suwanee and Santa Fe are heavily stained with tannin in many areas, so some flies that are very visible and push a lot of water like spun deer hair or synthetic baitfish imitations in "fire tiger colors" might be good to have.

    Crayfish make up a big part of the bass diet in the Suwanee/Santa Fe system so weighted crayfish imitations would be good. These can be elaborate patterns with claws etc if you can find them, but simpler stuff like brown or olive woolly buggers, or brown over orange clousers would probably also work well.

    Good luck--- looking forward to a trip report!


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    Default Re: good flies for the southeast next week?


    im impressed with your knowledge of the area! just the kind of info i was looking for. from what my parents have said, there hasnt been much rain lately, so the santa fe is primarily being fed by the springs at the moment, so it should be low and clear. in my experience, the fish bite better when its low, but theyre harder to fool when its clear. ill probably be better off finding a fly shop when im down there to get region specific patterns.

    there will definitely be pictures, even if i dont catch anything. its a very picturesque river.

    i also took your advice, raindog, and reposted in the regional section, any info is good info.

    my next challenge will be figuring out how to fly with my gear, but ill ask that in the general section.

    thanks guys,

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    Default Re: good flies for the southeast next week?

    Jack good luck, I hope you have a good trip down there. If the water levels aren't too low, you might also want to check these guys out. They provide canoe rentals and pickups. It might be a fun way to spend some time with family even if they don't fish ... and they can paddle you around while you cast


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    I came up with a fly which uses an ear plug as a body. Its called the Tahlequah Tiger. Check it out on youtube at flyfish video.Yours truly is tying on the video. It's the only fly with a 32 decibel noise reduction rating (so you can REALLY enjoy the quite sport!) Might come in handy on the SanteFe river.

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