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Thread: new pike/musky setup!!!

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    Thanks for the welcome fellas!

    Glad to be aboard and to find some other fly anglers interested in musky on the fly...

    It'll be a mighty long winter up here in Northern Wisco without some fellowship. I'm busy tying flies but that only goes so far at keeping the shack nasties at bay

    I'm doing a research project this off season if any of you want to pitch in and help:

    In his book 'Muskie on the Fly' Robert Tomes claims that "...muskies of all sizes are now fouund in 35 states..." but never lists one. That's not complete. I'm prepared to do the work to set the record correct. First I'd like to identify all States that have a legally accessable population of musky/tigers and then I'd like to get a database of all waters that habor Esox masquinongy or its hybred version.

    Here is a map I came across in my studies...pretty interesting

    So far I have identified 37 states showing present musky populations. CA and TX had experimented with tigers previously but do not list them presently as gamefish.

    Any info that any of you can provide would be appreciated...feel free to PM me or use my email --


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    Default Re: new pike/musky setup!!!

    AA, as you may already know, chain pickerel are fairly common in TX, though that's the closest I think we've got.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Some great pictures there.

    I would be interested in seeing what type of flies are used for the Musky.

    I assume they will be similar to the flies we use here in the UK of Pike.


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    Default Re: new pike/musky setup!!!

    Good pictures and discussion folks! The time is now to get out and go fishing!  8088
    Great Fishing
    Der Alt Jaeger
    Chuck S

    "I've traveled many roads and some weren't paved."
    Will Rodgers

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