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    Smile Tips on fly fishing for bass

    Please give me tips on fly fishing for bass, i live in southwestern pa and im just starting. Any tips???

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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    The ponds where I fish are generally small and weedy
    I find that a very accurate cast into the holes in the weeds is extremely important. Also, being able to distance mend over the lilies will keep your bug in the target area longer during a drift

    There are exceptions, but most often you'll need to make make a painfully slow retrieval, at least with subsurface flies. My buddy will make his cast, light up a cig and let his fly sit on the bottom while he smokes before he fishes it out with a slow finger twist retrieve.
    That's a little too slow for me, but it works

    Weedless flies are mandatory. I like a mono weed guard but instead of just the one loop, I tie in two. The mono loops get all bent out of shape fairly quickly in the weeds and the two loops generally will last twice as long. When one gets destroyed, you cut it off and you're still good to go.
    I also like to fish bendback style flies that incorporate a bucktail weed guard.
    This diver is pretty beat up, but you get the idea.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    Here are a few tricks you can do to keep your fly fishable.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- KD's Delta Adventures Tips & Tricks vol 1[/nomedia]

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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    My only tip would be fish the edges, especially those little cut outs along the
    bank. It's always amazing to see large fish set back in something the size of
    a kitchen sink. On one the best bass lakes I fish, casting more than 4 feet
    from the bank means no fish. My wife use to be afraid of getting caught in
    the bushes, but that's where the bass are. Of course bass do suspend in
    deeper water, but for flyfishing purposes, I target the shallow water bass.

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    My biggest piece of advice is to get a Furlead Leader either in a regular or the new style of streamer leaders. I had great luck with them this year. I fished with a buddy a majority of the summer and he had problems turning over some of the flies with a regular leader system untill he went with a furlead system.

    As for flies clousers, deceivers, half-n-halfs, hard and softbody poppers, bugs, crickets, deerhair frogs, gurglers, mice I could go on and on with bass. I got hit pretty hard by the bass bug this year. I used more topwater this year than any other and had great luck with them.

    I would also suggest a heavy wt rod atleast a 8+. I have a 6wt and have to slow my cast down alot with some of the larger streamers i use. Hoping to buy me a 8wt in the next few days though.

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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    Keep trying.If a spot looks fishy,dont give up after a couple of casts.Hit it with multiple casts and from different directions.If the fish dont want to hit a large fly,drop down in size.You would be surprised how big a fish will hit a small wolly bugger or popper.Im a top water junkie so learn to work a popper cause thats where the fun is.Bass hang out in nasty areas so buy or tie your flies and poppers with weed guards.It will save you many headaches.Use enough gun for your area.I fish mostly 6wt's but upline with a 7wt or 8wt line.A 7 or 8 wt is probably ideal.I find flies and poppers tied with marabou or rubber legs work very good for bass.They like movement.Good luck.

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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    You're getting good advice from everyone for pond and lake fishing for LMB. If you're fishing for SMB in streams you will probably be using different tactics for the most part. I usually start with some form of topwater fly, popper, slider, chernoybal ant, MAdame X, etc... If the Smallies aren't looking up a nice pearl shiner, crawfish, or sculpin should work for you...

    Any little grass banks, rocks, log jams will hold fish, so you should fish them carefully. Another great place to take some nice Smallies is on the edges and ends of mud plumes from feeding carp. The Smallies take advantage of the free buffet of displaced insects and small crayfish the carp stir up.


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    Default Re: Tips on fly fishing for bass

    I wouldn't go bass fishing without a couple Dahlberg divers and some large, splay tail poppers. Nothing like surface action in the late afternoon.

    Bead eye clousers would be good if they are down.

    Good luck, and let us know how you did!

    Sorry, I answered the wrong thread! I thought this was the one about Florida. Confused myself again. I don't expect you'll be fly fishing for bass this week in PA.


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    yeah i dont plan on fishing the next few months in pa for bass. lol

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    I like to fish a popper on a slow-sinking line; that way I don't get hung up on the bottom.


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