All of the indicators that spring has arrived at Lake Fork (budding oak trees, daffodils in bloom and trucks from Iowa and Illinois in the parking lot at Peralta's Restaurant in Quitman) are now present. The average water temperature has climbed into the mid-50s and this, combined with the full moon this week has the bass starting to move shallow. A trip to the lake yesterday afternoon revealed numerous small male bass along the shore and water temperatures as high as 63 degrees in some coves. The big females should be arriving in the creeks any day now.

The first ShareLunker of 2005 for Lake Fork was weighed in on Saturday (13.67#). Most of the large fish caught this week by conventional anglers were caught in ten feet of water or less, which means that fly fishing is now an equally viable tactic.

Things should continue strong, with occasional slow downs due to cold fronts, through the full moon at the end of April. The lake is full of water and hydrilla is back in places that it have been bare of cover for several years

Coves and banks with a west or southwest exposure will have the warmest water for the next couple of weeks. Lake points leading into major creeks are also prime targets, especially if they have hydrilla on them.

I have a handful of spots left for Lake Fork and Glass Lake in March and two days for Fork and one for Glass in April.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Rob Woodruff