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Thread: warmwater pics

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    PB warmouth?? in a 10 foot wide creek in a suburban OKC park 20180603_210044.jpg

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    Sandie from the Lower Illinois 20180611_080114.jpg

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    Kayaking for panfish at Kitchen Lake20180621_112310.jpg

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    Bass from a creek in NW OKCIMG_20180618_130546_915.jpg

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    PB Bass on the fly at Eagle Lake OKC20180628_205136.jpg

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    Took 30 or so kids with a summer school program to Fairhaven Beach State Park. At Little Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario there is a great pier for fishing, oversaw a group of ten or so students that wanted to fish. They managed a bunch of perch, panfish and sculpins. Most were spin fishing with worms and corn.

    Got some of the kids interested in fly fishing and a few of them even managed to hook up using some foam spiders.

    I was able to get a few casts with the fly rod. Thought the colors on this guy were gorgeous.

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    how I celebrated my birthday

    "Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.
    " John Muir

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    Good job. Love catching smallies on the fly rod. Pound for pound, the best fighting freshwater fish.

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    Here are a couple pics from this weekend - smallie on the local river, and largemouth on a small lake south of here. The lake is in an area I turkey hunted this spring and expected to be kind of out of the way out in the woods without much fishing pressure, and thought it would be canoe/kayak only... but then after I had been there a while there were a couple bass boats on the lake! Next time I head that direction I need to try an even less accessible lake.

    None of the fish were very large, but like to fight!

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