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Thread: warmwater pics

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    Default Re: warmwater pics

    Cut it loose?!?!?!?! You've obviously never had fried turtle before! Man did you miss out!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ottosmagic13 View Post
    First for me. Hooked a turtle. 5wt wasn't enough to get close (didn't want to anyway). Got a picture before cutting loose.

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    I got lucky and was able to fly out of NC yesterday morning. Made it down to FL to spend a couple days fishing with my cousin. I came down really hoping to catch my first tarpon in fly, I have NOT been disappointed!
    Today I was able to check a few species off my fly list.
    Tarpon, snook, tilapia, Mayan cichlids
    I bought myself a 5wt tfo a2 today, I was able to test it out on that tilapia before I purchased it.
    Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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    Well I traded my Scott A4 9' 8wt in toward a Scott Meridian 9' 8wt. I took it out for the first time this morning to see what the rod could do. The flies the A4 somewhat struggled with were a breeze for the Meridian.

    I got a bonus, a hungry Largemouth Bass. First fish on my new fly rod.

    I'll be using this rod tomorrow AM for Coho Salmon. So far so good!


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