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Thread: warmwater pics

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    Caught a GRASS carp...finally. These things have broke me off soooooo many times. It is a canal with long grass and trees on both sides. The canal bottom is sticky mud, so the game plan is stand on a little ledge with roots and branches that keep tangling my line. The canal is full of grass and branches so I have lost some under those branches.

    This one is not as nice as Bucktails but man what a fight.

    The there is some bass

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    Mice carp and bass Joni. And Bucktail on a roll again with another beauty. Nice LM Bucktail!
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    Nice one joni grass carp were impossible for me too I dont know if I will ever get another. Congrats in my opinion any grass carp is a trophy!

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    You are my Hero right now...;-)

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    Eighteen to Nineteen from the other evening. Just snapped a quick pic and got her back in the water but she was right around there, the length of the opening on my net is Twenty Two so makes it pretty easy to size them up...

    I love Smallmouth...

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    Sorry Joni, thats still a Common carp. Grass carp are much longer and thinner with upturned mouth. Still a good fish!
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    I stand corrected. Thanks.

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    Another shot of the shovelhead I got today.

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    grass carp are ridiculously hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grassonfly View Post
    grass carp are ridiculously hard.
    The ones I fish are seriously picky I am still in awe of my only one so far it was massive and not nearly the biggest one in there Moldy chum even put it up in contention for this months slab of the month they are in my opinion the hardest freshwater fish to get on the fly common carp are simple in my opinion I know there are a few on this forum that say they have had them eat eat anything presented but the ones I fish break out a comb and a glass to inspect each presentation of course if they dont spook from the line first........

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