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Thread: warmwater pics

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    todays catch.

    nice to mix it up after catching only trout..

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    Chasin' some rocky mountain redfish the last two days...

    I'm the one in the green hat. The first grassie was ~40" and about 30lbs. Second as you can see was taped a little over 36" and 24" girth, also about 30 lbs. My big common was 22 1/4" girth, pretty long, and in the 20lb range. And yes that one was magically fun on a two-hander

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    I too have been hitting them hard. I love these guys!

    Getting several of these mixed in

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    NICE!!! If/when it ever decides to stop raining here, grassies are on the attack list. Some of them I routinely see are that size of what you caught. Plus they are super aggressive here so the fights are awesome.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Haven't been able to coax any bass out of the water yet, but glad someone is!

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    Great looking carp! I dig the grassies...we can't target them out here, which stinks. Awesome fish!

    I have been mostly bassing with my kids...last carp:

    Elia with a nice bass.

    Eager to get after some carp!
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    I got my first cap on a worm fly... and a spey! then she wiggled out of my arms before I could get a good pick...

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    Story time, I went to the river this morning. A nice pool area. I could see carp rolling here and there.
    They were coming up to sip on bugs or whatever. Cloudy this morning with a breeze so ripples on the water and a bit murky. Sight fishing was hit miss.
    I decided to go with my trusty Yellow softhackle glow bug. I run this off a 5' mono furled leader and 4 feet of 10 lb fluoro. I put a small clear Thingamabobber about middle of the furled leader. This is just to help me detect hits in the murky water.
    Darn Carp were sipping on the Thingamabobber.
    So, I decided to tie on a Gartside Gurgler on a #12 scud hook

    This is sort of like a Boobie fly in that it does want to float up. I put an 8" tag about a foot down on the 4' tippet from the connection to the leader, so the egg was still 3' down from it.
    I do this set up all the time on trout and get a lot of doubles. Well......IT HAPPENED WITH CARP! Yikes! Lately when I hook a carp, one or two will follow it in, so I am thinking I have a nice carp and I knew it hit the Gurgler. I get it close and it is BIG! I am guessing 35".
    I get it close so I grab my net and squat down to net it when it takes off and I noticed another on the Glow Bug! You can kinda see them both in the center of this foto

    My net barely scoops one, how am I going to do this! I get one close and snap! I broke the tag off. This was the BIG one that is now swimming around with my fly in its lip. I did manage the smaller one (at 32")

    Here is the Thingamabobber

    I caught some bass and more Carp...great day! And one for the memories

    Time for a shower...LOL
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    Nice fellows what line tippets and flies you getting those carp on?

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    Today was crazy. We were after these:

    Then we spotted four fish feeding on a shallow gravel bar. Way too big to be carp, so we snuck in close...turns out they were sturgeon. One was on oversize at probably 8-9 feet long, and three smaller fish. They were rooting and tailing like carp, we figured they had found a clam bed and were going to town. My buddy david chucks a size 8 carp hybrid worm at the nearest fish and the fish flat out ATE that tiny fly. After a good battle, I got the fish's head in my net and tailed was 100% inside the mouth...just an unbelievable deal.

    Never seen anything like it...a tiny carp fly. I should have the close ups off my buddies camera tomorrow of the fly in the a shot of Vans with a nice carp too. What a crazy day.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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