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Thread: warmwater pics

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    Beautiful! Probably hit like he thought he was a freight train.


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    I caught a few of those today. 3 of them ended up in my aquarium
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Great fall weather in KC. Water still warm enough for the float tube. Broke off three flies trying catch their friends. Called it quits after the third fly.

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    Smallie action was pretty good today on the ol miss. Also had something that snapped my 14# fluoro with one quick run. Whatever it was I'm going back there tomorrow.

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    Keep the pics coming guys! I'm getting antsy sitting here waiting to heal up and hit the water!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhammer View Post
    Keep the pics coming guys! I'm getting antsy sitting here waiting to heal up and hit the water!
    Sounds like its fly tying time.

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    First cast of the morning, smacked a black & red folded craft foam popper with brown hen feather & red flash tail. Measured at 18.5", tied for my longest smallmouth to date & probably a bit fatter than the other one.

    Not an entirely perfect morning -- a pickerel bit off the bug a few casts later, and I put a new hole in my inflatable when I was taking out to go home for breakfast -- but a pretty good start to the day.

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    Nice looking specimen there, to bad about the boat and fly loss.
    What are you using for tippet/leader material?

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    I had on 8 pound fluoro, so no surprise about the pickerel. When I'm targeting them I use 20# maxima ultra green, and they slice that from time to time too. The bass are a little bit sensitive about a heavy tippet, though. It's a conscious trade-off.

    Now, the boat ... very annoying, I'm having a hard time finding the leak.

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    Pulled this torpedo out of a friends pond yesterday...

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