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Thread: warmwater pics

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    Big enough to be a bit of fun on an 8wt When you hook these guys they GO.

    Those kind of fish come from double triple extra secret locations and they like clousers, of all things, as well as big wooly buggers.

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    Got to fish a private pond on Saturday. Great day to be out and caught some nice fish. Caught these on my 4 wt with flies that I tied.

    Personal best on LMB, 3#, 19"

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    bluegill are biting well here in the evenings always a blast on the 4wt.!

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    Grass Carp

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    Got a chance to get out in my new toy with a new toy after getting some work done on the wife's vehicle this past Saturday. I had been wanting to explore this one particular cove on my home lake out of curiosity, rumors of good fishing and a new place to explore in my new toy with a new toy. My new toys are a 13' Gheenoe I got back in August (new to me but used) and been piddling with and my new Reddington CT 4wt that I had not had a chance to play with.

    Boat runs good, just slow with a 5hp, max rating btw, so you have to have the mentality of I'll get there when I get there. It's good for the shallow water which is why I got it, chasing fish in the shallows during the winter draw downs around here. Few will be able to follow me, except for kayaker's, and I'll beat 'em to the good spots. Pic is the day I bought it, not how it looks now since I cleaned it up some, put the 5hp on it and slimed it a few days later.

    I cruised the cove and got to the very back of the cove, and it started looking fishy, so I broke out the 4wt for a test on whether it had as much potential as the gheenoe. Think I got a good match on the boat and the rod. Did not catch any on the 4wt, but was fun to throw the popper at watch the bluegills slap at it. I even had more good casts than bad casts, not bad considering it had been at least a month since I held a fly rod and it was the first time casting this one.

    Just some pic's of what I got to see while out and about:

    This pic is the far reaches of the cove where I fished

    These are of the entrance to the cove, which runs about 4 miles away from the main channel:

    This is the entrance to the cove, someone else is building a really really big house here:

    There are several homes of this size on the lake, all in a gated community to keep the rif raf out. LOL

    Overall a good day for me, come on weekend.

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    Cool little skiff. What's the beam width? Can you stand up in it?
    Hand crafted wood fly boxes.

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    Bottom width is about 44", length is 13', rated for a 5hp but lots of people put 8's or 9.9's on 'em and get mid to high teens. I've gotten 11.3mph as a top speed but conditions have to be ideal. I'm keeping my eyes open for a 8 but not sure it would be a smart thing for me.

    Boat is very stable for a small boat, can stand it to cast, just need to be careful how and where you stand, etc. Casting and poling platforms are very common on all the different models. Boats are very popular in FL for the flats and marshes, etc. Several people use 'em as river runners as well since they draft in 6" of water when set up right. Check out or for info.

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    sweet trio

    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt
    "Live with your eyes open, you might notice something and you will have the opportunity to share it with the world." Argail

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    Argail, amazing photography, as always. I keep going back to that big red eye on the first one, and I can't stop staring. There's a great 3-D effect going on there.

    ....Just one more cast...

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    I just started fly fishing about 8 months ago and I am having a blast, Hairwing530 hooked me up with a beginner material package and cigar box with a ton of hooks. Anyways, went on YouTube and tied some Frankenstein wooly buggers....they actually not the name just what they looked like when I was done with them! So I went out on the river looking to catch some small mouth but ended up with walleye! I actually out fished the bait chunkers!

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