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    Default perch on the fly

    The perch are realy hiting here in north east Md. I want to catch them on a fly rod. What would be a good setup an flys to use. I'm figuring a 7WT rod, floating line, i guesse dry flies. I have fished for bass before, but 90% i'm on a trout stream.Would this set up be good and what flies.

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    Default Re: perch on the fly

    I fished for perch for many years,you can use your 7 wt rod but a 5 or 6 wt would be enough.I don't think you'll catch many perch on dry so it would be better to use a sinking line and streamers made with marabou or rabbit strips( have a look at Mc Nerney's minnow).As for the colors the white or silver ones with some glittering materials and a touch of red or orange are usually better.Fishing for perch chasing little fish is very exciting,remember perch can follow a lure for long before attacking it,and as they usually live in little groups except the biggest ones don't miss one or you won't catch the others.When I fished for them on a little boat I saw some attaking the streamer at the last moment ...and I once caught a 3 pound one followed like shadow by a bigger one which nearly got into my net with the other one.I noticed too that september and october were the best months.

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    I have caught a bunch of Perch flyfishing. All of them on subsurface stuff. The biggest were on clousers. Wooly Buggers and small leech patterns would be good, and small clousers. Small minnow patterns. I don't think dries is a good way to go here. Perch are a spring spawner, and will gather on near shore gravel or sand bars with weed beds near by. Before and after spawning, Perch stay fairly deep but will often move shallow as it starts to get dark. Given the general habits of Perch, I would go with more weighted flies and an intermediate line. A 7 wt. would be OK, but you go with a smaller wt. rod. 4 or 5wt. I've caught a lot of real big ones hanging out with Walleye. They are closely related and have kind of the same habits. They are less picky and not as smart as Walleye, which are not real bright fish either. Hope this helps.

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    I'm assuming you're talking about yellow perch but here in CT this time of year we fish for white perch. They're a anadromous species that are just moving into the coves and backwaters of coastal rivers.
    They eat grass shrimp
    Small bonefish/Clouser type flies in shades of olive are best
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    Default Re: perch on the fly

    North east maryland, I spent my summers there. went to turkey point every sunday on the boat. try some small mickey finns for one.
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    Default Re: perch on the fly

    I recently fished a local lake and caught perch on a small, all black wooly bugger. I used my normal 5wt trout rod with floating line.

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    Default Re: perch on the fly

    Thanks for the advise, I have a 5wt also. Reason i figured the 7wt is i have a sinking 7wt line for it. would that be good with woolys and clousers. or a floating line with a slip shot or waighted streamer.

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    Where are the perch hitting? My buddy is catching them on the Wye right now. Considering most fish for them with minnows or grass shrimp I would use something to imitate one of the other. I dont think a sinking line would be needed. For shad I use a 2' section of sinking leader. Works great and will get you down enough.

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    There hitting prety good on the North east an Elk rivers. I' m heading out tomorro.

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    Default Re: perch on the fly

    Let me know how you do I am off on Friday and need someplace to go.

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