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    Default Getting into the swing of things

    Finally got my rod set up and have been spending the last couple of days getting my cast somewhat up to par (basically forward and out ). So I went out this morning to see if I could actually catch something now that I can get the line to go where I want it to (relatively). I tied on a black nose dace and the first thing I caught was my hand . after that I ended up catching 2 little Bass (I call em Florida trout) so over all I was pretty excited that this morning turned out better than I thought it would
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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    Hi firecracker83,

    Well that is good news. Some new fly fishers go a long time before they catch a fish. The more you fish the easier it will get.


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    And the more fish you catch, the more addicted you will get!

    Congrats on getting setup and the quick success!


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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    Hey cracker;


    Congrats! Sounds like you were much more successful than myself and many with your first outing.... I know I caught some over hanging branches and spent a lot of time working knots out of my leader due to poor cast timing.

    Stay at it and those small bass will become bigger bass. The bigger bass will become large bass. Those large bass will become absolute monsters of bass.

    Even if the fish don't follow my progression.... well, we're fishermen.... you can say they were absolute monsters. Nobody will have to know the truth.

    Is warm water your main quarry?

    Also-- the catching your hand thing-- yet another reason to advocate barbless hooks. Hope that heals up soon.

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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    I'm not really new so much as starting over, and I know what you mean I am a total fly fishing addict, just wasn't able to indulge that addiction for a few years , actually I guess you could say I'm new again in a way. Anyway yeah warm water is my main quarry, I don't really like that coast and there are no trout streams in Florida, although it is a goal of mine to go fly fishing for trout at least once
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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    Keep your backcast up I hope you let the big one go

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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    A born again fly fisherman! Welcome back! Watch those hooks, I took one to the cheek just last week!
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: Getting into the swing of things

    A born again fly fisherman!
    Yep , now if only I could receive the gift of speaking in fish tongues I would be set lol
    Hey y'all watch this

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