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Thread: They Are Starting To Bite

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    Default They Are Starting To Bite

    Caught 10 small ones on nymphs. Its a Start. Wont be much longer till the top water bite.

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    Default Re: They Are Starting To Bite

    That looks like an okuma reel, is it ? I have one also...great lil reel
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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    Default Re: They Are Starting To Bite

    Nice isn't it? Here in the land of Oz, I've been tossing white woolies on my 3 wt. and have pulled in a number of sunnies and crappie. Even had a small-ish LM rise and roll on it.

    Slow sink- they seem to be hitting at about 2 or 3 feet deep right now-- a few are even taking the fly while still visible (in 'stained' water).

    Can't wait for top water action....

    Already hooked into a few smallies with a nymph on a muddy bottom???? explain that one. lol......

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    Default Re: They Are Starting To Bite

    Congrats! Nice going.


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    Default Re: They Are Starting To Bite

    nice. I'm goin on friday. hope I have some of the same luck.

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