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Thread: Grass Carp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattpike View Post
    I doubt anyone would pay to flyfish for grass carp. They are a very frustrating fish and a really a disappointing fight compared to commons. Carp are in almost every lake in this country, so there isn't a lack of uncrowded fishable water. I spend most of my days trying to get away from grass carp so I can focus on the commons.

    I find that grass carp tend to fight WAY harder than Commons. Maybe that's just me though. I think they're a fantastic fish to chase with a fly rod.

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    I regularly catch grass carp, White Amur, on poppers and a cottonwood seed fly that I tie. The last was 43"

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    neat stuff, grass flys.. cool, it turned out on my outing today I checked out a pond I havent fished in years, I was getting things ready and looked out to see a huge fin sticking out of the water.. then I seen the huge dark shape under it and thought bet that could be a neat fight.. considering it was my first time out with a flyrod I was almost thinking what am I goign to do if this beast goes for my green dragonfly.. needless to say I had these monsters swim right under it many times to no avail.. perhaps next time with a grassy fly Ill have some luck.

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    If you're not too elitist, bread flies work really, really well on neighborhood ponds. Often you can find them eating grass clippings if a pond has just been mowed around the edge. They're easy to spot then, but they're extraordinarily spooky. It's a lot of fun though.

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    I have caught them on a dark green wooly bugger. They will also take a plain gold shiny hook.

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    I have a dark green bugger, anyone know how gass carp fishing is in colder months? its starting to get that way.. and since my creek is flooded I may resort to bank fishing for these critters.

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    I have caught them quite often, but I cheat. I trained the grassies to eat corn and bread. I'll throw in either of them to get their attention, then I'll toss a similar looking fly. Fun to catch, but watch out for those pesky panfish if you go that route.

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    I've heard that a green San Juan Worm will work on grass carp. I have no personal experience, though.

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    Well a green san juan worm would resemble a grass clipping, so I don't see why not!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    and i happen to have a sanjaun to try.. there is a small pond here that has some big ones, perhaps if the creeks are flooded when your in town we can try there AJ.

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