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Thread: Grass Carp?

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    Default Grass Carp?

    Is there any fly fishing value for Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)? We've stocked triploid grass carp in a number of large enclosed ponds in northern va (by permit, and with appropriate, effective retention devices on the outfalls) and they can get very large within justa few years.. wondering if these have any kind of 'game value' like common carp ? I know people bow-fish for them in the area.. as once they are rather large and their metabolisms slow down they cease to be effective at nuisance aquatic veg control..

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    In one of the reservoirs I fish the owner put some grass carp to"clean" the lake.I've never seen any angler catching one with a nymph or a fly.In another reservoir where there are some too,some anglers think trout are more and more difficult to catch because they mainly feed on grass carp little fish .I don't know how to catch this kind of fish...maybe with a fly looking like grass or lake weed...I tested such a fly on "hotus"(Chondrostoma nasus)...without a great success.

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    I have never had a chance to target them but some people do.Steve Kantner,AKA,"the Land Captain",fishes for them in south Florida.I understand that flies tied to resemble grass and vegatation will work as this is their diet.I have even read of people chumming for them with grass clippings.If you get the chance to fish for them,go for it.

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    "Once young grass carp reach approximately three inches in length, they become nearly 100% herbivorous. Their feeding habits make them ideal as vegetation control agents, as they are capable of consuming 40% to 300% of their body weight per day in plant material. "
    I suppose that is why in VA they are strictly catch and release.

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    Contrary to what has been already posted they're not 100% herbavors. The key is presentation. I've had luck catchin them when they've been sunning themselves in groups. I would suggest trying some of the patterns that do look like grass or a clouser minnow or darter or crayfish immitation. They'll eat but they're just very spooky and very picky. Also, if ya can get your hands on the book carp on the fly they've got a lot of good patterns for them in there. Good Luck!!

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    Default Re: Grass Carp?

    I know a guy who has fished for, and caught, grass carp with bait - using cherry tomatoes with little holes punched in them so the carp can get the scent. I wonder if some kind of large egg pattern or a glo-ball would work?

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    I came across the following pattern the other day.. it looks an awful lot like hydrilla or elodea and grass clippings.. i would think t would be great for grass carp if you can drop it near them feeding..

    Warmwater Fly of the Month TEMPLATE

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    I know grass carp can be caught on fly and they can be taken in very large sizes... did my best to try and find some of the pics/flies that I know are out there... I am originally from South Africa so my experiences are mainly from there but if you google Terry Babich and grass carp you can find several articles that he has written and flies that he has tied... and somewhere in there is a picture of the 35lb monster he took last March... Terry is South Africas foremost authority on grass carp and other warmwater species there, well worth reading his stuff, as it's the same fish as over here

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    I doubt anyone would pay to flyfish for grass carp. They are a very frustrating fish and a really a disappointing fight compared to commons. Carp are in almost every lake in this country, so there isn't a lack of uncrowded fishable water. I spend most of my days trying to get away from grass carp so I can focus on the commons.

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    i caught a grass carp on a small white popper it was cruising along cast 3-5 feet in front of it and let it sit. the fish with surface and grab your fly

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