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Thread: TX Brookies- TR

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    Default TX Brookies- TR

    I waited too long to go hit this section of river.

    A front came through and cooled things off a bit, so I got to take it easy hitting the road, and grabbed some machacado and horchata.

    Being a few miles from the headwaters, I figured it would be skinny, but there was even less to it than I expected

    Don't matter, the fish were plentiful, even though the top half was all sunfish,

    And then the bass showed up hungry, and some were quite pretty

    A little river can still cut big rocks

    After fishing down a long curved section, I had a long straight walk back to the car. It was a little unnerving to not see my car until I was almost back to it. (wasn't 100% confident in the legality of my parking spot)

    But, I decided I wasn't done yet, grabbed two beers, and hit the section upstream from the crossing I parked at. The best bass of the day was all of 80' from the car.

    That ended up in a big swimmin' hole pool pretty quick, but was a gorgeous little section, and still produced 30 fish or so.

    Even though I did break off a 5lb+ catfish, it was still a damn fine day of head clearin'. 80+ on a 3wt is a fine time.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    BigCliff: Thanks for the trip report, that is a very nice looking area (good to see something besides snow or leaveless trees). Congrats on the great looking fish! Like you said it must have been fun on a 3 wt.


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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Like Larry I'm all about that no snow and green stuff The day looks like it was a beauty Cliff, plenty of fish, warm weather, cool water and some beer back in the cooler. The pictures are great and when you put up a bunch like this I feel like I got to know the place.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Great report Cliff...for sure a nice place to fish

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Great report and pics! I agree with you comment about those bass being pretty! They sure get colorful down that way. I love mixed bag fishing like that and the day you described sounds like getting close to heaven for sure!  8088
    Great Fishing
    Der Alt Jaeger
    Chuck S

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Nice day! Hey, is that a cichlid in pic #12? milt.

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    Nice report, good day of solid fishing. I am in Ohio and have a bunch of family in Oklahoma and Texas and have fished some areas but I have never seen a fish like that before from the wild it looks like a cichlid, as Im a geek about aquariums and have seen African ones in an aquarium but never seen one with such a tall body like that one. Care to share about it if you know more about it? Thanks!
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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    That indeed is a Rio Grand Cichlid that Cliff caught. It is a blast to catch. You would swear it lost 6" and 1/2 pound after you land one. The fight is great.

    Nice report Cliff. Days like that are definitely are one of the pleasures of living in Texas in the spring.

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Nice report Cliff. Thanks. Looked like a fun day.

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    Default Re: TX Brookies- TR

    Great looking spot...looks like some of the places I used to sneak off to go fishing when I was a kid. I felt like nobody had ever been there before.

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