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Thread: Best Night Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Default Best Night Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!! just got in from the kayak and man was it an adventure!!! all 13 of the gills' i got were 9''+. i got 3 largemouth bass 13",15", and 17"!!!! our lake was well stocked with rainbows too and i got a 12" one of those with one of my own flies!!! I'm so glad that i discovered fly fishing at the age of 14 and not 40!!!!

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    Nice work .Catching fish on your own flies is,in my opinon,the most rewarding experience in our sport,and a great accomplishment!!Keep it up!
    tight lines

  3. Default Re: Best Night Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ya it is rewarding but i kinda felt wierd with all of of the older guys calling me young buck (even though it true) lol

  4. Default Re: Best Night Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's no put down. You can only be "young buck" so long, appreciate it while you still can. It beats old fart everytime!

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    Keep in mind you are the "Young Buck" It will be these "old farts" that pass on what they know to you,so let them call you what ever they want just sit back and soak in all the info they are willing to give!
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    of couarse i appriteate it everything i know about fly fishing and fly tying is from them. its cool because they all live on the lake and its only about a 60 acares so almost every wednesday we all boat over to someone house and tie some of the current hatch then go out and fish them

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