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    Default A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    I don't do much nymphing-- I usually let a smaller bugger pattern represent nymphs for me. Took out a generic nymph pattern that I tied up and decided to get out in the rain today/ tonight.

    I'd say it was a success.... caught (if I had to estimate--) roughly several billion of these:

    With a few of these mixed in:

    Nothing huge, the biggest bass was 16 inches. Sorry, no pic of that one due to heavier rain than what I wanted to expose my camera to.

    All caught with:

    Size 12 bead head generic nymph.

    I felt really good about the evening due to the fact that I don't nymph much and, even with the lack of overly impressive fish, I really felt as though I was on my game. The takes were subtle, not a single fish was harmed even with the small fly, and I was able to clear my mind and just let the water speak to me. Just what I needed. =)

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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Wow, you look like you hit the mother lode! Nice looking fish and who care about the size when your weapon of choice is a 3 wt, that had to be one fun filled evening, congrats! I really like the looks of your nymph!


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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Thanks Larry.

    The nymph is a really generic pattern-- Fox Squirrel Tail on the tail, Brown Stone Ice dub (the SLF Whitlock stuff) on the body, a few strands of peacock herl 'palmered' for the 'wing case' (or collar as I'd call it), and a 5/ 32 black bead.

    I wish I would have snapped a pic of the nymph before being beat on by a night's worth of fish, sorry it is kind of hard to make sense of it from the pic.

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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Even beat up that's a great looking nymph! Good pics and report--and looks like loads of fun, especially with a light outfit such as that. Were you fishing that under an indicator?  8088
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    Chuck S

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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Looks like it was a good day even though it was raining, Nymph still looks good

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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Looks like you had a great night with the 3 wt...Nice looking nymph; even beat up...


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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Yep that does look like a great time of fish'n. My club is having a bluegill outing next weekend. I was planning on not going, but I might just have to go now since all my favorite places are blownout anyway. Pardon I almost fogot as everyone else has said even beat up that is a great fishy looking nymph.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Chuck: No indicator-- I know the water that I was fishing fairly intimately... I just did a figure 8 retrieve just slow enough to keep the bug off of the bottom. Every once in a while, I'd kind of jig it and bring it up a little, then let it settle back down. For reference, we are talking still water... with a floating line and a leader/ tippet of a given length- it isn't too hard to know where you are in the water column of a pond.

    Tom- If you don't regularly fish for sunnies and gils (based on your locale and your rainbows thread, I assume you don't.... ) I would encourage you to go to the gil fest this weekend w/ your club.
    Take any of your trout flies, look for cover, and enjoy a weekend of these voracious little fellas.
    They will hit about anything, don't ever seem to shut down and are found in the spots that you'd assume they are.
    They fight like no other-- don't have much power-- but lots of fight. Sure, you could probably just pull one out as though you were picking up for a cast.... But if you let em go for a moment, they will change directions on you a few thousand times in the blink of an eye, and even when you have him in your hand, he still thinks he's gonna' get away from you.
    Have fun.

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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.


    It's great to see you getting action and I hope you have a lot more days / evenings like this one.


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    Default Re: A 3 wt, a nymph, and tons of FUN.

    Looks like you got everything right.
    Congratulations on a great catch!

    I've been having some luck with nymphs on the 3wt. but the water is so stained (muddy from recent rains) I've recently been using a bright red pattern on a #14 hook. Simply a set of bead chain eyes and a fl red marabou blood quill tail & body. Fished on a furled leader heavily coated with floatant and a 5X tippet long enough to let the fly sink to the level I want. The leader becomes the indicator for me, if it moves or starts sinking it often means I have a strike. I found with even a small (1/2") "thingamabobber" the bluegill are often deeply hooked before the indicator shows the strike.

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