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    Default Finally A Nice Overcast Day.

    Forget all those horrible blue bird sky days, today was perfect very overcast with a front movin in from the north.
    Me and my good friend and great fishing buddy hit one of the neighborhood ponds today. A lot of activity by both bass and bream. We managed a few bass and bream, only two picture worthy.

    Devin with the biggest gill of the day

    Does anyone know what kind of bream this is? It has a yellow ear and was very aggressive ( I took it on a streamer)

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    Default Re: Finally A Nice Overcast Day.

    Nice looking fish, congrats!


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    Default Re: Finally A Nice Overcast Day.

    That's a big ol' gill on top.
    I don't recognize the bottom specifically but I reckon they vary from region to region.

    We get what we call "pumpkinseeds" up here that fight harder and are generally heavier for the same length than gills.

    We get "warmouth" too which look like a mix btw a gill and a "seed" but with a bigger mouth similar to a speck (crappie).

    That could just be a hybrid of your local strains.
    Some species breed together and some don't up here...I reckon it's the same down there.

    Helluva good time regardless!
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