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    Default BrokeBack Bass...not the movie

    Odd bugger today. drifting parallel to the shoreline at Spencer lake, doing well on most species and this dude nailed it! My biggest yet on the new 3wt.

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    Default Re: BrokeBack Bass...not the movie

    Boy I hesitated and thought hard about even opening this one brother

    That is an odd one! Wonder how that happened.

    Sure didn't interfere with him puttin on the feed bag tho...he's plenty FAT!
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    Default Re: BrokeBack Bass...not the movie

    It was a great battle. He really gave a grand accounting of himself, and deserved his release.

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    Default Re: BrokeBack Bass...not the movie

    This happens alot of times due to bad genetics... technically. In the aquarium trade it is a "fairly" common thing if you know what to look for and are looking for fish. A lot of rare aquarium fish can be found that look like that and are labeled as "short bodied" mainly because it can shorten a body length by up to a third. Generally this happens mid spine so it doesn't look like that alwasy but there is alwasy the possibility that the spine will make that severe of a turn more towards the tail similar to the bass you caught...

    Nice fish btw!

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    Default Re: BrokeBack Bass...not the movie

    I have seen this in trout and it is a form of piscatorial scoliosis. Genetics, toxic contaminates, heavy metal leeching a bi product of acid rain, the causes vary but I think that is what afflicts your bass.

    Nice fish,


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