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Thread: Fishing Clousers

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    How do you fish a clouser minnow. I have one and seem too get it out ok but I dont know if I am using it correctly.

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    Strip pause strip strip pause strip pause, etc.

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    Thanks for the info. I have to let it sink all the way to the bottom? Or keep it off thje bottom.

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    I use the countdown meathod.
    First couple of casts start when the fly hits the water.
    4-5 casts count to 5,
    6-10 count to 10,

    Untill I start getting hits.

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    Try adding a little variation to the retrieve. Make the fly dart once and drop, the three quick, short twitches, the two long strips, then two sharp twitches, ect.. If you've ever watched darters along the edge of the stream, or bluegills or other sunfish in the lake, you'll get what I mean. As for how deep to fish it experiment, find where the fish are feeding on a that day, and fish it there. It really helps if you can see the fish, or the flashes they produce when rolling to take nymphs and the like. Tight Lines,

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    Bob Clouser developed the Susquehanna Strip. Long, semi-hard strips for smallmouth in HIS area. In that big water, in summer, it sure gets the smallies attention. Tires the angler out fast too, maybe that's his ploy. The first trip with, my friend and I had to use the spinning rod the day after. I use varying techniques and retrieves according to the water I am fishing.

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    All good advice above.

    I don't always stick to it, but was once advised by a guru to always make a fly look like its sneaking away so slowly as to not be noticed, or high-tailing its way to safety full blast. Both work at times.

    Another help is to learn the tuck cast when fishing the Clouser in moving water. This helps get the fly down a little quicker/deeper before drag/current comes into play.

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    I fish large Clousers alot and I've noticed that the pause is just as likely to produce a strike as the strip.
    Clousers are very nose heavy and on the pause they nose down and dive due to the weighted eyes. The stop and dive that happens when you pause is prime time for a strike. If you happen to be above the fish the pause will allow the fly to dive right into the strike zone.
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    All good tips. and just a 2nd recommendation on the count down method and tuck cast. Depth can be key, I've caught a bunch of fish after casting and retrieving unsuccessfully lot's of times, then pausing to untangle line or to BS with a buddy (letting the fly sink deep) and then picking up a fish as soon as i tighten to start a retrieve.

    And if you're fishing moving water, vary your angle of casts and mends. Sometimes the angle of approach seems to make a difference, and you can get faster/slower retrieves and deeper/shallower depths by mending upstream or down.


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    I've always tried to my a Clouser look like an injured minnow. Stripping eratically and pausing for a second in between strips works well for me.
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