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    Default Re: Reel.. Bass, Northern Maybe even Musky Question

    Again, thank you all for the insightful information.

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    What do you think of the slv for saltwater? I think it has a sealed drag system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    I've been fishing with SLV's for several years. Great reel, and no problems. I had a problem dropping them a few years ago, however. I would take them off the rod, and then reel in the line at top speed. 9 times out of 10 I was standing on the leader, and the reel would be yanked out of my hand and fly onto asphalt. Nothing ever happened, and I forget why I'd have line off the reel when it wasn't on the rod. I was fishing the local stream a couple days ago, and one of the SLV's fell off the roof of my Grand Cherokee, and bounced of the pavement pretty hard. Once again, no problems!

    I'm also of the opinion that larger is better, especially if the weight is close. The SLV's will hold the amount of backing stated, so pile it on.
    I dont mind the SLV I own the 8/9 and have caught a bunch of salmon on it. I find it interesting that you dropped yours and didnt have a problem. I didnt drop the reel but literally touched it to a rock while hiking and the spool rim crimped down onto the frame causing a catch each time I reeled in. I corrected it with a leatherman. But was not impressed with the stamped manufacturing of the reel in this regard. It is still not %100 but does not catch on the retrieve as it did before. I did manged to upgrade and use the SLV as my emergency backup. For the price it isnt bad, but in my experience the rims of the spool and frame are to be babyed to avoid this from happending to others.

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