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    Default My Memorial Day Weekend

    This Memorial Day we headed to my in-law's cabin. A lake that usually produces fish but not high in quantity or quality...but you rarely get skunked. It was my plan to spend every waking minute fishing. We all know how that goes...

    I am not a morning person. I hate mornings more than anything I can think of, but I decided to get up early Saturday morning and head out fishing. Well, I got up early but I didn't make it on the water until about 6...PM!!!! The wifes family was there and we got to talking and working on little projects around the cabin.

    I finally got out on the lake and started fishing just after 6pm. It didn't take long to hook into my first fish. And thats where the fun began. The first one wasn't big but the average size for the lake. It seemed like every other cast I'd either hook a fish or mis a fish. Apparently the bass on this lake aren't very bright. As I stripped in the popper they would strike behind it a good few inches. Frustrating, but fun to watch none the less. I only got to fish for a couple hours, I guess the family wanted to eat dinner

    I took 8 or nine photos of the trip. I easily released 2x, maybe 3x the fish but they were little and not really photo worthy. I had about 10 LRD's...on purpose

    After I lost 3 fish in a row because I was trying to lip them I decided to use a net. The last one beat my personal best. I had him in my hands, he slipped out and took another run. I got him back to the boat went to grab him and he slipped away, this time for good. Time for the net.

    Here are a few photos. The first one is my personal best on this lake. I didn't measure or weigh him but as I go back and analyse the photo I come up with between 20"-22" (I think, math wasn't really my strong subject)

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    Default Re: My Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous, spent my holiday doing projects around the house. Looked to me like fine size fish. I'd been proud to be sharing pictures like that.

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    Glad to see that you had fun!! Those bass are a blast, aren't they? Was the fly in the big 'Gill's mouth the popper you were using?
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    Default Re: My Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks guys. The fly was just a little deer hair popper. It was actually the first deer hair popper i tied. It had the head sort of like a dahlberg diver but just a few grizzly feathers for a tail and some doll eyes. Nothing fancy at all. I actually took that photo because I thought it was funny how big the fly was that he was trying to eat.

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