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Thread: Added two more to the list

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    Default Added two more to the list

    Last night I finally went out to the river by my house and add two more to the species list.

    I caught a small catfish and an average size (I think) goldeye. We missed several fish last night to. I'm guessing they were catfish. In my very limited experience the catfish was a gentle take and the mooneye was very aggressive. I actually caught him when I was stripping my line in really fast to cast. I wasn't really "fishing."

    That happen two other times on my. One was in the middle of a roll cast the strike indicator stopped dead in its tracks and started going the other way. Have you ever tried to set the hook while your line is literally in the middle of a roll cast? I hadn't. The only think I could think to do was grab the line and run back on the bank. I had him hooked for a little bit but he got off. Man did the guy I was with look at me funny when I took of running.

    I didn't get a picture of the cat but I did of the goldeye. Not very good because it was getting dark and I needed a flash. Its such a shiny fish it turned out bad but I'll post it later anyways.

    I'd say between the two of us we missed 10 fish and landed 2. Not great odds but I'm glad we went and I'm excited to try it again.

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    Default Re: Added two more to the list

    That is really funny, I have caught a little trout mid roll cast, I end up lifting the poor little guy out of the water. I managed to half stop my cast and landed him and he swam away with a story to tell his friends. Congrats on two new species, I would love to catch a cat on the fly.

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    Default Re: Added two more to the list

    Sometimes you just happen to lift the line when a fish has already taken a wet fly/nymph, but I've caught fish while retrieving a nymph. After catching a few fish (including trout) while doing this, I now use an active retrieve with nymphs. Frank Sawyer wiggle his nymphs to induce stikes, so it's good enough for me.

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