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    Default Playing on lake out of my league

    After fishing for a few hours in tailwater catching trout,me and the gf went back to the camper changed and went out on the lake for about 7hrs just riding and swimming and laying in the sun.Since the water was running in the river and i couldn't fish the river again we just stayed on the lake and about 8pm i decided i had seen on here ya'll catch brim,bass,carp and others ,i thought i would try my girdle bug along the bankand had some funn on my 4wt rod but soon reliezed i didnt have enough rod when something i'm guessing a bass of considerable size trashed my bug and broke my 8lb mono like i wasn't there so i quit but did enjoy the sunfish.

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    Default Re: Playing on lake out of my league

    Fun little scrappers aren't they?

    As for the one that broke you off--- sounds like you ran into a hybrid (white bass X striper bass) I have a friend who chases hybrids and whites almost exclusively-- I've personally witnessed his 10 Lb. test being broken on the initial take-- they hit hard. I suppose they might take a girdle bug????? Doesn't seem 'typical' but sure it could happen.

    Thanks for the pics and report.

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    Default Re: Playing on lake out of my league

    to bad for the break off. sounds like a good day anyways!



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    Default Re: Playing on lake out of my league

    Beautiful fish! Looks like you need to beef up the rod and go back for a little revenge! LOL!


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    Beautiful fish! You can't beat panfish on a fly rod! Spider flies are most effective for me too!!!! Looks like you had a great time!
    "Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." - Henry David Thoreau

    "Chance favors the well prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

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    Default Re: Playing on lake out of my league

    I've caught whites/hybrids on top water just not on the fly rod. We find them when they are busting bait fish and throw a white tiny torpedo and they just loved it. They will take top water as well as bass flies and everything else. They aren't very particular in my experience.

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    Thanks guys i never fish in the lake unless its with spinning gear and thats almost never i so addicted to trout i just dont lake fish anymore , i have caught hybrids but just can't get away from trout , it was fun .

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    Default Re: Playing on lake out of my league

    I love panfish. I go to the creek a couple miles from the house and land 10-15 in under an hour. Sunfish, pumpkin seeds, and blue gill are great fried up with Cajun batter and a good beer.

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