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    Default Big bass are frustrating me

    Hey guys new to the forum, but love it so far.

    I was hoping you guys might have some pointers for me. I just got back from the James River here in Richmond VA. Caught about 6 or 7 bream but no bass.

    So I walk and change spots, come up along this little island of weeds. After tying on a blue popper, I watch the water for a minute. I see this huge large mouth circling the island. Must have been from 5 to 6 pound bass and he would have made it on the wall.

    I put this popping bug right on top of his nose maybe 4 or 5 times and nothing. So I change flys. Go to a little orange and white streamer. Gets his attention really well and he chases it but will not bite what so ever.

    I say a couple prayers to the lord and change flys again. Go to another smaller white popping bug that never fails. Again throw it right on his nose and the guy wouldnt eat it.

    I watched him chacing other things in the water but couldnt make it out. So I sat there casting away and never took home my trophy bass. Very frustrating for me, I thought my prayers might help but i guess not.

    Ive been fly fishing for maybe 2 or 3 weeks now and am addicted. My casts are getting sooooo much better, but fishing every day and not giving it a break helps. My presentation was awesome today, one of my best casting days ever, but still he pissed me off.

    So please guys any help would be great. Ive been catching small mouth all last week, but they have slowed down alot I guess, since no action this week. This is the first large mouth Ive seen on the river and what a big guy.

    Sorry for such a long post, just thought the more info the better. Thanks so much guys.

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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Welcome to the forum! In response to your post, that is why they call it fishin' and not catchin'! Hang in there, catching him on a fly will be more rewarding than catching him on a spinnerbait!


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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Your right Forrest, I dont think Ill ever pick up a spinning rod again. Even if I go out there and catch 10 bream Im still having fun. But just seeing him right under my nose was killing me. But your right, if it wasnt a challenge it wouldnt be fun.

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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    I know of a pond full of nice sized LM bass...and it's clear.

    There is an old saying...if you can see the fish, the fish can see you. The fish also make the connection: lure = person.

    There are two ways to tackle the bass in clear water: fish at night, or cast longer distances. As soon as the fish see you, the game is over.



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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Hey you might be on to something there Robert.

    The water yesterday was all full off allgee and you couldnt see a thing. Today it was like Hawaii out there. I could see everything. So maybe your right, but he was still really active and always came back to chill in the same spot.

    I was elevated and maybe 30' from him, and like I said the water was crystal today. So maybe it was the problem.


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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Your casting is probably spooking the fish, or at least putting him on his guard. make you cast and let the fly sit.... minutes if you have to. Let him swim off and come back. He needs to calm down and forget that there is a "lure" there.

    Then try little twitches and see if that will get a strike.

    PS. Not to say that there is anything wrong with your casting. Sometimes even the most delicate cast scares the fish off. Trust me, I know.
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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Ya Ive noticed that with fly fishing alot. I had a small Bream today come up and hit my fly line where the loop attaches to the leader. I was laughing so hard.

    But when Im top water fishing with still water or slight current I hate the disturbance that the line makes on the water. I feel that it takes away from the action of the lure because it distracts the fish. I dont get that with a spinning rod with mono line so its new to me. But Im trying.

    But Anthony I dont think that technique would have worked in this situation. The current was taking my fly down river far away from the bass. But in a different setting maybe early morning that would work best Im sure.
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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Put the fly well above the bass let it sit and let the current take it to him then give it a twitch when it gets close to him. If you have what he wants the twitch should be all it takes to get him to take the fly.

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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    I don't know when the spawn is in your area but if the Bass was swimming in tight circles it may have been on a bed. If thats the case it won't eat and you'd probably want to leave it alone anyway.
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: Big bass are frustrating me

    Thanks guys for the help. All real good pointers.

    Im not sure if it was sponing, because it seemed to be chasing other fish under the water, and he was chasing me lures just no bites. It just looked like he was hunting. Then would come back to the grass and cruize off again.

    I bought a couple new flys to try next time. A sweet blue gill fly and a dragon fly. Hopefully itll get some attention on the Potomach this weekend.

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