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    Default My creek report, better late then never

    So Im going to start adding creek reports here. This creek is within walking distance of my house, i can be on the water in 3 minutes if i drive. there is all kinds of stuff in there, bass, green sunfish, bluegill, longear sunfish, carp, koi, bullheads and all kinds of minnows/chub. I usually dont take many pictures because it would become a hassle, its almost every cast is a fish down there. These pictures are a couple weeks ago, but im going to go this afternoon, so i'll make a new report tomorrow. So here is a SMALL sample of what was nice

    second fish of the day, not bad

    close to the new average of green sunfish size

    this beast crushed a cicada fly

    thats all from that trip, i'll try to take more today, but we'll see if i actually do.
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    Default Re: My creek report, better late then never

    Nice report! You are so lucky you live near such a beautiful place.

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    Default Re: My creek report, better late then never

    It's been a while but I know how nice it is to have a stream right next door, great to see the pictures.


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    Default Re: My creek report, better late then never

    looking forward too hearing/seeing more from your little spot!


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