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Thread: Tilapia on Fly

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    mayan cichlids are awesome. Theyre my favorite fish to catch on fly. 4 pound tippet is fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck s View Post
    Milt, I meant to indicate that I was using the generic terms for both the Tilapia and the Cichlids found across South Florida and in a few spots across the US. Of course the Tilapia is in the Cichlid grouping but in most places and cases they have different common names. The Blue Tilapia is the most common name heard and is most often called just Tilapia although at times you might hear Nile Perch. The Mayan and several other Cichlids go by the common name of Cichlids or even Chicklets!

    Here's where I messed up: I posted, "They are not a Chiclid but rather called Oreochromis aureus or the Blue Tilapia over most of their range here in the US. " That should have read They are not "called," Cichlids but rather called "Tilapia," ie Oreochromis or the Blue Tilapia.....etc!

    Non-Native Florida Fish (3): Explore the nature side of Florida
    Another distinction is that the Blue Tilapia was stocked by F&G while most of the other Cichlids were aquarium released and then spawned and spread in the wild. We here in the US do have a Cichlid of our own in the Rio Grande and tribs but limited to the lower reaches of the Rio Grande. They are also found in large springs and rivers of Central Texas' Edwards Plateau including the San Marcos, Guadalupe, San Antonio and Colorado rivers.

    Appreciate your sharpness and heads up!

    The Tilapia and those other Cichlids are very cold sensitive and a few years back a cold front produced heavy fish kills among their populations in the Central Florida area. as in canals bank to bank with dead fish!

    One other thought--for those of you lucky enough to be able to target those Cichlids above, (Mayan-Rio Grande) be sure and do it as they are fighting fish par excellence and usually put the Blue Tilapia to shame in that regard. They are also much more aggressive to the fly akin to a Bluegill!
    NBD. We have the Mozambique variety out here and these are highly tolerant of hypersaline water. They make good ceviche, or live bait if you're so inclined. Sometimes they have huge dieoffs here from algal blooms, there can easily be millions of dead uns. milt.

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    Milt, we saw the same thing down in Florida with those Tiapia and even some Snook in that cold snap.. So many dead fish clogging the canals they allowed prisoners to volunteer and brought out work crews to seine them out and bury them with a bulldozer.

    Grassonfly - I was sort of thinking of one wild day we had with them in the C4 canal along the Tamiami Trail highway. Same as you we used light leaders and our rods were three weights.  8088
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    A couple of years ago, the family went to Orlando for vacation. There was a pond where we stayed that had been stocked with Tilapia.

    Here's a pic I took of them waiting to be fed. They would just wait around until someone tossed them a handful of some type of pellet feed that was used to feed them. Once they got some pellets, more of them would congregate & get in on it. This group seemed to always be waiting! Cool to watch!

    I also noticed, there were some large Bluegills present, but they would stay hidden & rush in to grab what they could. Couldn't get a picture of them!

    These were all about the size of the one that flcracker83 posted.

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    Ive caught a Rio grande cichlid down here in Dallas. They aren't supposed to be down here so it was probably introduced. Ive also got some sort of fire cichlid/ sunfish hybrid in my drainage creek I fish I haven't been able to get any to take a fly but they roam in groups and the largest I have seen was about 4 inches long or so.

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